Potty-training, Evangelization and the Spiritual Journey

My daughter is almost 3. With baby #3 on the way we were really hoping we could have her potty-trained soon. We’ve already done two kids in diapers and it can be a bit of a burden on the monthly budget no matter which way you look at it. Plus, 3-year-old diapers are gross. Problem […]

My Piece of Heaven

My husband told me during date night last night that the reason he wants to consult is only to make enough money to move to the Mediterranean with his trophy wife… Besides the fact that after 3 kids I consider myself pretty far-flung from a trophy wife (although I adore his playful compliment), there is […]

Time to Grow Up

If you are in a particularly sensitive hormonal place today, which is perfectly acceptable and understood in this community, now may be the time to stop reading because ladies, I’ve got news for you: it’s time to grow up. Whether you’re approaching 20, 30, 40 or 50, if you have a job, if you have […]

Feast of St. Rose of Lima – August 23

I’m always trying to find new ways to teach my children about the saints, especially the less popular saints. The majority of activities for the saints are geared toward older kids and we’re on short supply of those around here! Theology lessons have to be boiled down to pictures, quick activities and food in most […]

Teaching Goodbye

The last few months have included a few big goodbyes in our life. We lost our beloved yellow kitty very unexpectedly in March. We woke up on a Saturday morning to a very sad and tender little kitty and we had to put him down on Sunday afternoon. The kids barely got to say goodbye […]

Signs We are Catholic – What We Expect of Each Other

We have had many conversations at our parish about “expectations”. Like any good family or community there are expectations that we should all strive to live by so that we can grow together. However, expectations in the sense of a faith life can seem a bit harsh to some. How are you supposed to measure […]

Ode to Date Night

I was recently asked to share my favorite marital or household practice with an engaged co-worker and it seemed like a good one for all you Catholic mothers (and fathers) out there. However, this post has remained open and blank for nearly 24 hours. That alone should tell you a bit about our life. I love […]

Today’s Vocabulary Lesson

The Webster dictionary gets to add new words each year so I thought I’d offer a few new pronunciations and connotations of my own. Moobie 1 (noun) anything that comes out of a DVD box with a colorful cover and must be immediately shoved into a long silver box with a slot (which includes, but is […]

Pro-Life in a Foster Family

My mother is one of the most pro-life individuals that I have ever met. I’d venture to guess that she is one of the most pro-life individuals, period. That said, you won’t typically find her writing letters to her legislators. You won’t find her marching in Washington or praying at the Planned Parenthood clinics. No, […]