Angie is not a financial guru

Sorry — it makes me sad to say, but I am not a financial guru. LOL Seriously — I’ll just say it, I’m not good with money. Really, on every level possible, I am bad with money. And, shockingly, I am the person in charge of money in our house. Perhaps I should make Eric try it out a few months to see how it would go if he were in charge of the money. Maybe it’s something to start in the new year. It would be a change, that’s for sure.

Anyway, since it would seem that I take my financial advice from MC Hammer, it is no surprise that it finally got the better of me when I realized that the bank said I had probably about $500 more than I thought I had in my checkbook. So, 3 1/2 hours later, I found $71 worth of errors of things I had forgotten to write in the checkbook and whatnot (this is, of course, over about a 7 month time span, since it’s not like I balance my checkbook). I also found $79 worth of errors in my favor. Most of that is from a deposit that I either didn’t realize was made (a direct deposit) or just forgot to write in, plus many little amounts where I did something like round up for some regular automatic payments (like $7 for Netflix when it’s only like $6.25 or something like that). So, that put me $8 closer to figuring out the mystery. LOL

Then, the big undertaking — we checked ALL my math for the last 7 months. Augh! And, since we use the debit card almost all the time, this was UGLY! I habitually make math errors. Although, I am happy to say that I made a much smaller number than usual. Luckily, my math errors are typically taking away more money, so it’s always been a nice windfall when we figure it all out. (This time, I am ashamed to say that we “found” $206 between several math errors.)

Finally, we found a few things that have, for whatever reason, never posted, even though we used the debit card. I don’t really know how long a person could wait before assuming it will never post, but we left the money just “floating”…awaiting it to clear. Plus, then one large check that we had to pay on a deposit for testing that Jack had done which hasn’t been cashed.

And, alas, we finally got the check book balanced. I’m sure it will come as no surprise, but when I say that the checkbook was balanced, that meant that it was less than $10 +/- what the bank said I had. Hey…we can’t all be perfect, can we?

Angie Kauffman
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