An Artist and a Writer (or Rider of Unicorns)

On the shuttle to the airport on my trip to Savvy Blogging Summit in July, I talked with two ladies that were sitting near me.  The three of us did not know each other, but talked about what we had been doing in the area (they were both visiting the city I live in), where we were going, and the like.

One of them asked where I work that I would get to go to a conference somewhere pretty like Colorado Springs.  “I’m self-employed,” I told them.

photo by jaqian

This, of course, wasn’t a full enough answer, I suspect.  One of the women inquired further.  She wanted to know what field I’m in.  I took a

breath and thought, “Am I really going to say what is going through my head?  It’s not a lie.  It’s truthful, it just feels funny to say.”  Normally, I might say, “Oh, I just blog.  It’s a blogging conference.”  Not that there’s anything wrong with blogging (at all), but that would be exactly how I would likely say it, as if to down play any goodness in it.

“I’m a writer and an artist,” I answered.

They both oohed and ahhed and looked at me in surprise and with some admiration.  I fought back against the feeling that I was misleading them.  I really do those things.  I love doing them.  I make some money doing them.  It’s not wrong to say it.  I suddenly felt more confident.

Taking a cue from something that someone once said to me about being a writer, I laughed and said, “I know – it feels like telling someone that I ride on a unicorn and make rainbows.”

So, whether I’m a writer or ride a unicorn, an artist or rainbow maker, one thing is for sure – in that brief moment on the shuttle, I felt a sudden surge of comfort in what I’m doing and the roles that I’m playing that have stuck with me still.  I guess sometimes, it really does take leaving your comfort zone to grow into who you are.