Adoption and Homeschooling

This post is by contributing writer Jen @ Forever, For Always, No Matter What

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” Robert Frost

When my husband and I married almost 16 years ago, we assumed life would pretty much be like everyone else’s.  We would enjoy married life for a bit, have a few children and then be busy for the next 15-20 years raising said children.  Two things we never thought would enter the picture: infertility and home education.

I mean, really, what normal person would actually homeschool their child?!  It’s pretty safe to say that home education wasn’t on our radar when we said “I do.”

Of course, neither was infertility.  So why am I writing about infertility?  November is National Adoption Month.  After dealing with all the “fun” that comes with infertility for about a year or so, we really felt God calling us down the path of adoption.  What a path it has been!

Six children have joined our family from various parts of the world over the last 12 years.  What started out as an unexpected disappointment turned into a most unexpected blessing.  We now have the opportunity to parent six wonderfully, unique individuals.  There was a time when we thought we might never be parents, never have the joy of caring for and raising children.  Now our days are filled to over-flowing with kids!

Just like adoption has been an unexpected blessing, so has home education.  Homeschooling has allowed us the opportunity to take our children with us when we made our two trips to the Caribbean to meet and bring home two more children.  It has also allowed us to not worry about our newly arrived 5 year old having to hurry off to Kindergarten.  Nor have I had to worry about the fact that she is behind, as we can go at our own pace.

Homeschooling has allowed us the time and the opportunity to really get to know our children.  It doesn’t mean that every day is bliss and that my children never complain, fight, whine, or fail to get their chores done – believe me we have those days.  But it often seems that those are the days that draw us closer to each other and we then appreciate those days when things go well and we have minimal fighting and everyone remembers to brush their teeth.  It truly is the little things!

Maybe God has placed the idea of adoption into your heart, or maybe it’s the idea of home education that is starting to take shape.  Be not afraid, sometimes taking the road less traveled really does make all the difference!

Jen is a wife to one amazing husband and mom to six energetic kids.  Visit Forever, For Always, No Matter What where she blogs about their Catholic faith, homeschooling and adoption, all while trying to fit in exercise and healthy eating.



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    Beautiful post! I was homeschooled myself and have quite a few friends who’ve adopted… one family we know has eight adopted children, several of whom are special needs, and all are homeschooled. They are such adorable, friendly, caring children! :) Blessings to you!

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    I love when you speak about raising six adopted children. You have so much to offer and really are a beacon of light. I also like how you turned “that frown upside” by looking at how much you do appreciate one another more on those good days. God bless!