A Thumbprint Christmas Lights Craft Project

The following is a post from contributing writer Sarah Robinson of Sidetracked Sarah.

Are you looking for a super simple craft project for Christmas?  Christmas time is my favorite time to do crafts!  My girls love to gather around the table and get creative with their art supplies.  Right around Thanksgiving, they start begging to pull out the craft supplies that we keep stowed away out of sight.

I especially love any crafts that use their little hand prints or thumb prints.  There’s something about preserving the size of what their hands were that year that is extra special!

Christmas Lights Paper Craft


  • Paper (I prefer card stock, but use what is available)
  • Paints in multiple colors
  • Sharpie Marker


  • Draw a loopy line from one corner of your paper to the other, making sure to loop it a couple of times so that it can look like a light strand.
  • Draw squiggly lines from the strand of lights in each place that you would like a Christmas light to go.  Be sure to space them evenly so that your lights don’t look chaotic.
  • Have your child dip his thumb in the paint and put it onto each squiggly line, making it look like a Christmas light bulb.
Christmas Lights Strand

As you can see, it’s easier to do with your tongue sticking out! :)

Christmas Lights Strand


Hint:  Keep a wipe to wipe off the fingers nearby so they’re not dipping it into water (like my kids) and dripping all over the place!  


Sarah is a DIY crafty homeschooling mom of 6 kids, from toddlers up to teenagers.  She is just starting a new weekly crafting with kids series on her blog, Sidetracked Sarah. Each Friday, she plans to share a seasonal craft for kids and she’d love it if you’d join her in the fun.  For even more ideas on crafting with kids, check out her free Christmas Crafts e-book that is available to subscribers of her blog.  



  1. AlyB says

    This was an awesome craft to do with my 3-year-old and her friend during a playdate. We used watercolors and card stock. They had a great time choosing colors and experimenting with color mixing. It was fun to see how one girl made her bulbs exactly where they were supposed to go, and the other made bulbs all over the paper. Both pieces look great! I wrote “May all your Christmases be bright” on the papers and we will give them as gifts this Christmas. Thank you for the easy, colorful, fun project idea! (P.S. I found you via CraftGossip.)