How to Plan Your Homeschool Year

The following post is from Jen from Forever, For Always, No Matter What:Picking curriculum is the fun part of getting ready for a new homeschool year. The planning part can be a little bit more overwhelming. The value of the upfront time and energy spent, is that your school year will flow more smoothly and you will feel more … {Read More}


Birthday Boys, The Difficulty of Motherhood, and One Cool Chick

~ 1 ~Can you believe it?  I'm actually doing a 7 Quick Takes!Now, if you're new to the site, you might think, "Yeah, so what?"But, if you were a regular reader of Many Little Blessings, you'll know that I used to do a 7 Quick Takes every single week.  In fact, I think I did them every week for a few years.  And then, I … {Read More}

How to Homeschool for Free

How to Homeschool for Free

The following post is from Christy of Eclectic Momma: When we started homeschooling, money was tight.  Out of necessity, I had to spend the least … {Read More}