Understanding How to Spell with Word Study | RealLifeAtHome.com

Understanding How to Spell with Word Study

Understanding how to spell is vitally important, especially for our young readers and writers. Taking the time to study spelling words provides an amazing support for learning to read. But often times, spelling is taught as a list of rules to learn (with a long list of exceptions) or as haphazard words to memorize. Instead of … {Read More}

Advice and Encouragement for New Homeschoolers {The Real Life at Home Podcast - Ep. 16}

Advice and Encouragement for New Homeschoolers {Podcast Episode 16}

Motherhood is not an easy gig. Sure, it's rewarding, but it can be hard sometimes. When you throw in homeschooling on top of that, it can become even more difficult and exhausting.If you're a newer homeschooler, or just need some encouragement in your journey, take heart and listen to these words of encouragement for new … {Read More}

chore charts

Chore Charts: free printables + great ideas

The following post is from Jamie of See Jamie Blog:There's probably no perfect plan for getting kids to do chores because there's no perfect kid (or parent!). But having some sort of system for chores is a step in the right direction, and charts can help keep things organized and even make it fun. Printable chore charts: 1- … {Read More}

Easy Kid-Friendly Christmas Card Craft | RealLifeAtHome.com

Easy, Kid-Friendly Christmas Card Craft

I remember when I used to make sure to send out Christmas cards every year, right as December was beginning.  Then, they got later and later.  Last year, cards didn't even get sent out.  There are … {Read More}

When can you rest assured you're doing enough in your homeschool? What benchmarks do you use? - www.RealLifeatHome.com

Am I Doing Enough in My Homeschool?

The following post is from Shannen of Middle Way Mom:Right behind socialization, stressing out and thinking "Am I doing enough in my homeschool?" may be the most common question a parent … {Read More}


Main Idea Graphic Organizer Printable

The following post is from Demetria of Christian Homeschool Moms:Writing hasn't been a favorite subject for one of my kids, so I have to dig up ways to make writing fun for her.  My daughter is … {Read More}