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23 page packet featuring printables and worksheets themed around Saint Joseph |

Saint Joseph Printables and Worksheet Packet

Saint Joseph is one of our favorite saints.  Eric (perhaps at my urging) chose Joseph as his Confirmation name when we converted.  Honestly - if I had thought of it, I might have just chosen it for myself instead.  We also named our homeschool after St. Joseph.  In the liturgical calendar, St. Joseph has feast days in both March and … {Read More}

Mary Queen of Heaven badge

Mary, Queen of Heaven- Printable activity!

The following post is from Kristen of Drawn2BCreative:The month of May is dedicated to venerating Our Blessed Mother, Mary.  Many people honor Mary extra this month with extra rosaries and prayers.  However little kids can't always sit through extra devotions. To foster a love for Mary, you can start with this … {Read More}

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