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Comfort Food Recipes

15 Comfort Food Recipes

The following post is from Ann-Marie of Chaos is Bliss:Nothing makes us feel comfy and cozy down to our bones more than comfort food.  While comfort foods are wonderful any time of year, it seems like in the cold days of winter, a warm dinner of your favorite comfort food can make up for some of that chill and darkness of the … {Read More}

13 Ways to Be Annoying: A Silly Collection of Things You Can Try

13 Ways to Be Annoying {Podcast 24}

This week's episode is just a silly little retelling of some of the ways to be annoying that I received in an email forward all the way back in 1996.  I'm also sharing a few reasons from my own life that make me know that some of the things on the list are accurate, including one of my sister's great displeasure at robot … {Read More}

Bullet Journal Key {I Love My Bullet Journal!}

Schooling Changes, Flute Playing, and Task Organizing

~ 1 ~If you're a long time reader of Real Life at Home (which, of course, was formerly Many Little Blessings, The Homeschool Classroom, Catholic Mothers Online, and Catholic Printables Online), then you might remember when I used to do a 7 Quick Takes post every single week on Many Little Blessings.It's been a long time since … {Read More}

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