Take Your Blog to the Next Level: Increase Earnings and Traffic

One of the things that I've been doing for my blog this fall has been to start taking the Elite Blogging Academy course. I will admit, I haven't been moving through the course quickly.  It's been a busy fall, and I've been moving at what might be a snail's pace.  But, since there is no time limit to the course, I really can take … {Read More}


Main Idea Graphic Organizer Printable

The following post is from Demetria of Christian Homeschool Moms: Writing hasn't been a favorite subject for one of my kids, so I have to dig up ways to make writing fun for her.  My daughter is highly visual, so this main idea graphic organizer might be just the tool to help her get her thoughts flowing.  Plus, the cute graphics … {Read More}

Romans 8:28-29 Scripture Subway Art Free Printable in Four Colors

Romans 8:38-39 Subway Art Printable

It's hard to pick a favorite verse from Scripture, so I wouldn't even dare try.  But, Romans 8:38-39 is definitely one that I love.  As I told one woman at a craft show when she wondered why I didn't … {Read More}

Homeschool Mom's Prayer

A Homeschool Mom’s Prayer

The following post is from Amanda Bacon: Amanda Bacon is the mother of eight kids, ages two to thirteen. You can find her blogging about faith and motherhood at www.amandabacon.com and … {Read More}

Writing Positions at Real Life at Home

If you're a blogger who would love the opportunity to have a paid writing position (only one post ever 6 - 8 weeks), as well as a chance to grow your reach and share with a whole new audience, writing … {Read More}