7 Quick Takes: August 10, 2013 (Vol. 155)

~ 1 ~

iphone screenshotAs I sat down to write this post, I thought, “Hey – why don’t I look at my phone to see what we’ve had going on the last couple of weeks?”  This is not an uncommon thing for me to do when I sit down to write a 7 Quick Takes post.

However, in one of those electronic era ADHD-induced moments, I found myself randomly looking around on iTunes.  I downloaded about five or six songs, and just kept looking around.  Then, I decided that I had looked around on it enough, as I wasn’t finding anything else interesting and set down my phone.

I looked back at my computer screen.  I closed my eyes, and shook my head at myself in disgust.  Oh yeah.  That’s right.  I was actually going to do a task when I grabbed my phone.

~ 2 ~

One of the songs I bought was “Party in the U.S.A.” from the movie Pitch Perfect.  I played the clip of the song that iTunes lets you preview earlier in the day, and now several people in the house couldn’t get it out of their heads.  I may have even gotten an exasperated sigh from Eric about it.

Sorry, household peeps.

~ 3 ~

Kitchen success of the week:

I not only made roasted cauliflower, with a few carrots thrown in that I had left in the fridge, for the first time (Hey – every time I make something for the first time, there is some celebration for this domestically challenged chick, don’t judge), but all of the kids thought they were surprisingly fine to eat.

Yeah, I wanted to say that the kids liked them.  That would have possibly been a stretch.  But, they didn’t not like them.  Jack even declared that he was surprised that he felt they were “well received by everyone.”

That 12-year old cracks me up.

~ 4 ~

In my less than stellar moment of the week, I was desperate to pull my squash and zucchini plants out of the garden that had passed their prime (or, you know, were mostly dead) before trash day.  It was on a particularly busy day, and so I had to make a beeline for the garden when I got home at 9 pm.


While I did get everything out of the garden and successfully out to the curb for the trash in the morning, I also walked away with more goodies.  Or, not as much goodies as mosquito bites, which I am particularly sensitive to.

This is, perhaps, apparent now at my house since every spot that I frequent has some type of bug bite cream or solution next to it.

Even a prescription strength cream that we got last summer in the Urgent Care for Jack’s huge bug bites didn’t cut it last night when they were so itchy that it woke me up.  And that’s two days after I was bit!

~ 5 ~

Hang on, wait.  I may have a helpful mosquito bite tip after all.

1. Don’t allow them to bite you.

But, if that doesn’t work, here’s another one…

My Mom told me that she heard on some show that you could put Icy Hot on mosquito bites to get rid of the itching.  I thought this sounded insane.

That being said, however, I bought some Icy Hot at the store this afternoon.  When I tried it this evening, it actually did mostly take the itching away for a few hours.  Go figure.

(Disclaimer: It’s not really meant to be put on mosquito bites.  If you’re crazy enough to try it, don’t blame me if you don’t like what happens.  It helped me, but maybe it will turn your leg purple.  Or, maybe you’ll just smell like a wintergreen Lifesaver.  I don’t know.  I don’t dispense professional medical advice.)

~ 6 ~

While I sit and complain about red spots on my legs, I would be remiss to not mention poor Eric.

In the days leading up to his birthday, he was having a lot of back pain.  When his birthday arrived on a Friday, and the kids and I took off to Wisconsin to help family while he just hung around here for the weekend, he even went to a chiropractor because he was miserable.  Afterward, he thought he felt a bit better, but was still pretty darn uncomfortable by the time we got home on a Monday.

He told me that as if the back pain weren’t bad enough, he also thought maybe he had a bug bite on his stomach that turned into a rash.  He showed it to me, and I didn’t buy that it was a bug bite.  He insisted that he was pretty sure.  Later, he asked me to look at his back where I found the same type of rash.

I insisted that he needed to see a doctor and even told him to go look up what I thought was the cause of all of these things.

And, yes, unfortunately, we found out that I was correct.

It left him at the pharmacy the next day having this conversation with a pharmacist:

Her: Oh, you just had your birthday.  Happy birthday.

Eric: I turned 38 and all I got was shingles.

{At least he kept his good humor about it.}

~ 7 ~

I suppose I shouldn’t leave you hanging on that one, huh?

That all happened about two weeks ago.  The doctor gave him an antiviral and I think that it helped to lessen the course of it.  It’s still not gone, but it’s so, so much better than it was.  But, poor guy, he was pretty miserable for a while there.

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  1. Jenny says

    We’ve had mosquito bites all over this summer; we’ve had a bunch of rain. A couple of my kids get an almost allergic reaction to them–swollen, hot to the touch, scabby bites. On another note, my 5 yr old got devoured by chiggers. So much so I had to take him to the dr because un unmentionable area was so swollen and irritated!