7 Quick Takes: The Snowpocalypse and Sketching Dinosaurs

~ 1 ~

Like so many others, we experienced the Snowpocalypse and Polar Vortex of this past week.

For the record, I like that when I wasn’t entirely sure how to spell Snowpocalypse, I put in my spelling (which was slightly wrong) into Google and it said, “Do you mean snowpocalypse?”

~ 2 ~

One of my favorite additions to our yard this week was the elusive “Snow Plant.”  I love how perfectly rounded it was, just all on its own like that.  You know, because we weren’t crazy enough to venture into the backyard.

snow plant

Kind of amazing how a bunch of snow and wind can come together and form such a lovely rounded creation.

~ 3 ~

I recently set up my very first shortcut on the iPhone.  If you’re not familiar with shortcuts on Apple devices, this is when you put in certain letters/characters and tell it what that stands for, then it will automatically change it to that for you.  For example, one that it comes preloaded with is “omw” – if you type that, it will put in “On my way!”

So, what phrase did I set up that I was just tired of having to type all out in its entirety?

sd = sketchin’ dinosaurs

Between one of my BFFs and I, it’s the new answer to “What’cha working on?”

~ 4 ~

Random fact: I have never sketched a dinosaur in my life.

~ 5 ~

I did, however, make a couple of printables this week that you can download.

One is over at Catholic Printables Online and is a chalkboard-style art print of Romans 5:8 (the website doesn’t actually appear on the print):

Romans 5:8 Art Print

I also shared a winter themed word search on The Homeschool Classroom.  I made it back in December.  Who knew that “polar vortex” should have made the winter terms list?

Winter Word Search

~ 6 ~

One night this week, I didn’t finally fall asleep until well after 4:30 am.

The next night?  Yeah, I was snoozing by about 7:30 pm.

Not falling asleep until 4:30, even when you can sleep in afterward, can cause some pretty harsh effects the next day.

~ 7 ~

I unofficially have been trying an experiment lately:

Can I ever catch up on laundry if I mostly ignore it and then do just one load of it every few days?

If you had any doubt in your mind, the answer is a resounding no.

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  1. Wendy Klik says

    Hi Angie, I have been following you for a couple of months and I have enjoyed it. Try doing one or two loads of laundry each day. This works for me so I don’t feel so overwhelmed with it piling up.