7 Quick Takes: September 28, 2013 (Vol. 156)

~ 1 ~

Have I mentioned that I have a boyfriend now?

Well, at least that’s the new joke around the house after Eric had a long weekend off work last weekend.  He decided to just not shave the whole time.  As you can imagine, he got rather scruffy.  When we were driving on one of the days, I said, “It’s like I’m cheating on my nice, clean shaven, hard working husband with my bad boy boyfriend.”

Do you know how fast a catch phrase like “bad boy boyfriend” can catch on?

Just say it out loud.  It’s kind of fun, huh?

~ 2 ~

Are you friends with any young people on Facebook?  Does it ever shock you the kinds of things they share or say?

Okay, well, first – let’s be honest.  I’m sure you’re friends with some adults that make you shocked with what they will say and share.  I know I am.  But, for a moment, I’m thinking specifically about that high school and maybe even college crowd.

I frequently find myself thinking, “I am so thankful that I couldn’t say anything that popped into my head when I was 14 or 15 years old that would then be seen by everyone I know.”  I just can’t even imagine.

~ 3 ~

Honestly, I’m glad we didn’t have texting either.

Not only was it good to sometimes have a few minutes to cool down after a situation, but then we wouldn’t have had any reason to write notes that we had folded in all kinds of cool ways.  And what about the notes where you start in one corner of the paper and have your words go around and around the page in a spiral?

I wouldn’t trade those types of memories for a couple thousand text messages between friends.

~ 4 ~

Thanks to Molly, a white board, and some dry erase markers, we now know what our family would look like if we were all robots:

robot family

as well as if we were a traveling punk rock band:

punk rock family

~ 5 ~

I bought my ticket last week to attend Digital CoLab next summer.  While I wasn’t really positive if I was going to go or not, I wanted to be sure to grab a ticket since there are only 100 available.

Want to know why I possibly don’t want to go to Digital CoLab?

It’s because I hate flying and San Diego is hecka far away.

~ 6 ~

This is the part where I may sound dumb.  I actually used to be really good at geography.  It’s just that I apparently do not know California geography.

You see, I was pretty sure that San Diego was in Northern California.  I have no idea why.  But, when I went to register and saw the map of where the hotel is, I moved the map farther out and then suddenly realized how wrong I was.

I texted Eric, “I thought San Diego was in Norther California, but apparently it might as well be in Mexico.  When did they move it?”

(Don’t worry.  I know they didn’t really move it.  It was a joke.)

~ 7 ~

Did anyone else watch Under the Dome this summer?  Is it crazy that we looked forward to the next episode as soon as one ended, yet we were disappointed to hear that it had been picked up for a second season?

We went from thinking we would have closure to suddenly knowing that it could go on and on.  I just might have to read the book to see what it was supposed to be like.

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  1. Kam Coveyou says

    The white board family was my favorite, ’cause you’re obviously passing down your wonderfulness! Great writing, funny stuff!