7 Quick Takes: November 12, 2010 (Vol. 60)

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I have listened to the first three lessons on Grocery University while I was driving in my van.  Really great tips!  Because of a great sale at Kroger (and some coupons I had already been saving), I used some of the tips that I have learned in just the first three lessons to save 45% on my first trip to the grocery store after listening to them.  (Spent $91.77 and Saved $74.50)

Now, I would like to say that the trip I ran to Walmart to get a few things that I didn’t buy at Kroger went just as well, but my cashier wasn’t very good and I wasn’t paying close enough attention.  The lady in front of me had all kinds of problems with her order, so I stood there forever.  Then, when it was my turn, I was trying to watch but the cashier kept doing dumb things.  (Sorry – I can’t find a nicer way to say it.)  After I got my receipt, I saw that he kept all my coupons but didn’t scan about $1.50 – $2.00 of them.  Then, he couldn’t get a manager to come over to open his drawer to get out the coupons (not his fault) and the customer service line (to go get the coupon money back) was huge.  I finally just told him to give my receipt back and I left.  At home, I found that he rang up my deodorant twice!  Augh!

So, while the bad trip irritated me, the good trip was really great!  I can’t wait to keep listening to the Grocery University lessons!

~ 2 ~

Are you following my Etsy shop, Just a Tiny Owl, on Facebook?  It’s where I update when things are listed in the shop, but I also make a point of sharing little life things that I don’t put in other spots, such as this giggler from yesterday:

Our house is all open due to an unseasonably warm day. My 9 year old said, “It smells great outside. What is that scent called? Does it have a name?” Uhh…fresh air?

~ 3 ~

This week, the kids attended their free gym classes for homeschoolers.  We all love it!  The only thing that I hate about it is that I’ve known about it since just after we started homeschooling and I didn’t try to go to it sooner.  Not only is it a fabulous program, but it costs us nothing but the time to drive there and try to find parking.

They recently learned some line dancing to The Hampsterdance Song, and now we can’t get it out of our heads.  The kids made me buy it on iTunes so we could line dance around the house.  You know, around the house in a line.

~ 4 ~

photo by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden

Today, Noah described how fast something was going and said, “He can move as fast at the TGV.”  (The TGV is a Frenchbullet train.)

Now only did it tickle me that he used that as his comparison, but he also said it as what I would write like, “Tay Jay Vay.”  Yeah — he called it the name in French.  Love it!  My kiddo who often struggles with reading at grade level is calling the speed train by its French name.  I need that kind of boost from time to time.

~ 5 ~

Jack has been an altar server several times now since I mentioned it last.  I’m getting a little less nervous each time, but each time has also included at least one thing for me to get nervous about (such as ringing the communion bells an extra time, being wobbly with a Crucifix, etc).  He’s getting better though, and it makes him so happy to do it.

He also got his first chance to be a reader during a weekday Mass.  He did a great job, and we were so proud!  With words like libation and perverse as part of his reading, I was ready for some problems, but he read clearly and carefully.  Yeah Jack!

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A couple of quick online links of note:

You could have some good chances of winning if you entered into the JumpStart Virtual World 3 month giveaway that I have here on Many Little Blessings.  Go read my review (and my kids review) and enter into the giveaway.

If you are a Christian homeschool blogger (or a Christian homeschooler who has always wanted to start a blog), go check out Cheryl’s post about a Christian homeschool blogging conference. Be sure to leave her some feedback in her comments section!  Thanks!

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This past weekend, I got to spend the night away with my Mom in the big city.  We got to go to several sit down restaurants and we did some shopping (mostly crafty stuff).  It was such a fun time, and is always something that I enjoy when we get to go away and do that.

Do you ever get to have an overnight away with special friends or family?  What do you usually like to do?

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    How great that you had some fun time out with your Mom!
    My sister and I go away for a weekend every year. We usually just enjoy sleeping, eating and shopping!

    Yay to Jack and Noah!