7 Quick Takes: Mock Horror in the Pew, Too Much Snow, and Poor Shoe Repair

~ 1 ~

Dear Jesus,

I’m sorry that I laughed during one song during Mass on Sunday. I’m sure You already know, however, that Molly started making low budget horror movie faces to amuse me during the part of the song that they were singing about raining fire to talk about the Holy Spirit.

And, when I pulled it together, Lord, I know that You already know, but then she started dramatically whispering to me, “My hair is on fire.”

I’m sorry to have been out of line, but thank You for giving me a kid who is so much fun.



~ 2 ~

I wrote that same thing as a Facebook status this week on my personal account.  I got lots of likes and funny comments, but the funniest came from my priest.  He advised me to bring her there right away so he could do another anointing with the oil of exorcism, before commenting about how great kids are.

I laughed so hard that I hadn’t even noticed until I saw that someone commented that the funniest part was that he had said “another.”  He’s a pretty funny guy.

~ 3 ~

Free printables that I’ve made this week and put up on my other sites:

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George Washington crosswordGeorge Washington themed Crossword Puzzle

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~ 4 ~

True story:

On Monday, I bought myself an iPad Mini.

On Tuesday, I tried to glue the bottom of my tennis shoes back to the rest of the shoe with Tacky Glue and Glue Dots.

~ 5 ~

For what it’s worth, I think that a hot glue gun may have worked better.  Instead, it produced a “slurp” kind of sound every time I walked until I walked to grab paper towel and wipe off that gluey, disgusting mess.

Not my most stellar moment.

~ 6 ~

I try to be pretty good-natured about winter weather.  I’ve possibly lost my patience with it though.  In fact, I just heard that we only need two more inches of snow this month and then it will be our snowiest January on record.

This is getting a little old.

~ 7 ~

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