7 Quick Takes: May 4, 2012 (Vol. 119)

~ 1 ~

space shuttle at Dulles AirportI am not a fan of Washington DC’s Dulles Airport.

Sure, it was nice.  Yeah, I did get to see a space shuttle on top of an airplane.  But, that airport is huge.

In fact, it was so huge that carrying around my backpack and my duffel bag has caused me back pain from when I woke up on Monday morning through the present time.  I am less than thrilled about that.  I keep thinking that the back pain has to go away sometime, but it’s pretty stubborn.

~ 2 ~

For this past Christmas, we gave Jack an older Canon digital Rebel.  He was pretty excited, and has had fun with it.  This week, he asked if he could use my external flash along with my Lightsphere diffuser because Molly was going to be his model.

I decided to go one further and brought out some backdrops and a backdrop stand.  They were both thrilled and Jack’s pictures were fabulous.

~ 3 ~

Even though Jack’s pictures were wonderful, my favorites were taken with my iPhone of him taking the pictures.

My Mom said, “It’s a shame he had such a reluctant model.”

~ 4 ~

Can I tell you a little secret?

I’m really, really, really ready to clock in our last of our 180 days of school and take a summer break.  So very ready.

The worst part of that, however, is that we’ll have to do school later than we’ve ever had to do it before — into June!  I’m ready to take a break and regroup.

~ 5 ~

I have now had three times of people saying that I remind them of Mayim Bialik’s Big Bang Theory character Amy Farrah Fowler.  I’m not sure what I think about that.

~ 6 ~

Yesterday, I took the kids shopping and I managed to buy three pairs of shoes (one pair for each of the kids), a pair of rain boots (for Molly), a hat (for Jack), and three polo shirts for Eric.  I did it all for just $60!

I was thrilled to have a coupon for 20% off, a coupon for $10 off $10, and then $70 in Kohl’s cash.  Ching!

Of course, you rarely pay the price on the tag at Kohl’s.  Things are always on sale, and they’re constantly sending out coupons and deals.  But, it’s kind of a fun little dance to do with them.

Not the same as my actual figure from childhood, but this Lego one is pretty darn cute!

~ 7 ~

From me and my only remaining Star Wars figure (though I had tons as a young child), Princess Leia in her snowsuit from Hoth, we wish you a Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th Be with You!


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  1. says

    Ah! Star Wars Day! Today is my daughter’s birthday. She couldn’t have held out two more hours and been born on Cinco de Mayo instead?
    And, ooh, Kohls . . . one of the places I’ll be glad to be able to shop at again :-)

  2. says

    I love Kohl’s too. I like the 30% off coupons the best :)

    How cool that you got to see the space shuttle. Bummer about your back though.

    That picture of the kids is so cute. That’s awesome that he’s into photography.

    • says

      It’s funny — he was going to do a photography project for 4H this year, but then decided not to. But, I think it’s because so many people sign up for that project. It’s just crazy!

      Yeah – 30% off coupons at Kohl’s! Love those!

  3. says

    We love Kohl’s around here too!

    And I, too, am very ready for the school year to wind down. Our last day won’t be until June 8th.

    • says

      Our last day is probably going to be that late as well (or later). I thought it would be right around there, but I’m afraid that my gallbladder surgery will further push out the end date.

      I think we’re going to spend a bit of time near the end working on 4H projects. I’m still beat and ready for it to be done though.

  4. says

    There’s too many things I want to comment on here. LOVE that your son is taking such an interest in photography, love your iphone photos of that going on, love how enthusiastically your daughter is playing model, love the deals you got. Even cool that you got to see the space shuttle on a plane!

    • says

      LOL — thanks for putting so much into a paragraph, Jamie! :)

      Yeah, I love that he was having such a good time having her model. Maybe I’ll have to post a couple of the pictures. But, I may have to teach him about Photoshop before we do that. 😉

  5. says

    I think I just spit laughing. My son would freak over the Star Wars lego – we had to watch one of the movies the other day.

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend friend !!