7 Quick Takes: March 2, 2012 (Vol. 115)

~ 1 ~

During dinner the other night, we got into a discussion about the importance of occasionally reciting things that you have previously memorized.  While I was lamenting the fact that I can no longer spout off the Gettysburg Address, the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, or all of the presidents in order, I had the urge to see how many presidents I could still name (not worrying about getting them in the right order).

Oh yeah — that’s fun family time at our house.  Me, at the table with a notebook, as everyone else watches.  Somehow, everyone except one person actually had fun with this.

In the end (after I checked off the ones I got as Eric read the real list to us), I found that I had named 36 presidents (noting that Grover Cleveland had been president in non-consecutive terms), and missed seven.  Not too shabby considering it was in middle school that I memorized them.

~ 2 ~

I tend to be a parent who hovers.  I don’t know why I do it, and I wish I didn’t.  It’s something I’ve been trying to work on.  It’s one of the reasons that I love my friend Stephanie.  We take turns every couple of weeks watching each others kids for an afternoon so the other one can have some free time.

Her family is also hosting the next evening where some of the tweens and teens in our homeschool group get together (once a month).  Most of the nights have included things like movies or board games, though there has been one night that was ice skating.  But, true to form, Stephanie (who is fun and funny and just generally full of life) has sent out an email that details the events for that evening:

Make your own pizzas (veggies/pineapple/cheeses), campfire with giant marshmallow roasting, hiking on trails, board games, chicken chasing, pig wrangling, rope swinging, and a 100′ zip line. All extreme sports are optional and require student to bring second-hand verbal permission from parents.

A mom like me needs my kids to be around a Mom like her.  I’m thankful for having friends like that.

~ 3 ~

In what felt like crazy news this week, I wrote a post for The Homeschool Classroom with Leap Day activities.  I had actually suggested it as a writing topic several times to the writers at The Homeschool Classroom, but nobody took me up on it.  At the last minute, I thought, “You know what, I’ll just write it then.”

I realized that it was possibly dumb to put the time into writing it and publishing it in the wee morning hours of February 28th.  So, I purposefully wrote things that could be done with little or no planning, since I was only putting it up a day before Leap Day.

Imagine my surprise when it managed to get close to 20,000 hits in those two days (the 28th and 29th)!  Kind of funny for something that I just wrote on a whim.

~ 4 ~

Why is it that our weather forecast includes days with highs of things like 66, as well as days with highs of things like 38?  I suspect this is the reason that my sinuses feel like they are plotting against my head with a coup of sorts.  Darn mutinous sinus cavities.

~ 5 ~

The iPhone and its auto-correct feature has made me get slightly (or greatly) lazy with my text typing, I have realized.  It only dawned on me the other day when I was typing and only barely making an attempt to hit the right letters.  I was just trying to get in the right general vicinity and then making sure all of the words came out correctly before hitting send.

My biggest lazy word? That would probably be “were,” which I now mostly type as “weee,” since I know it will correct to “were.”  (But, when I want to type “we’re,” then I go with “were” because that’s what “were” auto-corrects to on my iPhone.)  Oh so lazy.

Oddly though, I can’t make myself type “OK.”  It always has to be “okay.”

~ 6 ~

This week, I had a dentist appointment that we managed to roll into right at 1:50 pm on the dot.  As I was walking in, my hygienist said, “Oh!  There she is!”  The receptionist looked up and set down the phone in her hand.

I should have probably been more gracious than to have my head snap to look at the clock on their wall and then say, “My appointment is at 1:50, right?”  But, when you’re walking in to that, your first assumption is that your appointment must have been at 1:40 or 1:30 instead.  Nope, 1:50 it was.  They were apparently just excited for my arrival.

And, as Eric would be apt to say to me if I said that to him, “Who could blame them?”

~ 7 ~

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    LOL at the dentist’s office. That would be strange. Good job on naming the presidents!

    Oh and I hover too, I just can’t help it!

  2. says

    I love that #5. I know on the computer, if I type teh or becuase it’s going to be corrected, so I don’t even bother. Unfortunately, I have a not very smart phone, so it doesn’t correct me.

    • says

      I constantly type my own name wrong. I always manage to get the An right, but the “gie” get into all different types of arrangements.

  3. says

    Wow I’m pretty sure I could only name about 5 presidents…let’s just say history and Jen never got along real well. I was also terrible at geography until I traveled the world and looked at a map every other day for 11 months trying to figure out where I was. :)
    Such a fun blog you have here!