7 Quick Takes: March 16, 2012 (Vol. 116)

~ 1 ~

I remember that in mid March when I was in 8th grade, we had a horrible ice storm that left us without power for around five or six days and out of school for a week.  (It was also the night I was out of town with my sister and her husband for an INXS concert.)  It seems so crazy to think about that given the weather we’re having now!

This week, I opened the whole house one day and finally had to shut the house up and turn on the air conditioning.  We started lacking some air movement and our thermostat read 80 degrees.  Now, I know that there are those out there that will think that we were being wimps to not let it get warmer than that.  But, as far as I’m concerned — I have air conditioning in my house for a reason, so I’m going to use it when I want to.

~ 2 ~

That’s not true.  That makes it sound like I had something to do with having air conditioning in my house.  So, scratch that.  We have air conditioning for a reason, and it’s because my parents put in an air conditioner when they had the house built many years ago.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.

~ 3 ~

The weather is so nice, in fact, that our co-op members voted to cancel our homeschool co-op this week to have a park day instead.  Not only is it kind of funny to have a park day in mid March, but even more odd to see a bunch of kids running around all rosy cheeked and wearing shorts.

Jack, however, went to co-op anyway, as his sewing class went ahead and met for the normal time that we meet (three hours) as they are all trying to finish their projects by the end of co-op (end of April).  I really hope he can finish his messenger bag in class, since he is planning on using it as a 4H project.  (And I will be of no sewing help.)

~ 4 ~

I’m expecting a package on Friday that I’m pretty excited about.  Can you guess what it is?

Okay, I’ll give you a hint: Its journey to me, via UPS, has had stops like China, Hong Kong, Alaska, and Kentucky.  (That’s a well traveled package!)

~ 5 ~

Once you figure that one out, you’ll know why I was especially not happy to have spent money on an expensive “toy” only to find when I looked at our insurance online this week that they were denying all of Molly’s oral surgery.  Do you know how unhappy Angie looks when she sees that the insurance company is going to try to tell her that she owes a hospital over $10,000?

It’s very unhappy, if you were in doubt.

(We’re working with the insurance company on it, and they’ve contacted the hospital to try to get some coding information more specific that was just too vague.  So, please keep us in your prayers that it gets worked out!)

~ 6 ~

Want to hear some exciting news we got this week though?  If Eric takes probably about one more class than he really wants to take in the fall semester, he’ll be able to finally finish his degree by end of the year!

While he’s concerned about the classes, I think the knowledge of knowing each week will bring him one week closer to being totally done will be a good motivator.  Because, seriously — he’s been back in school so long that I can’t even remember how long he’s been in school.  All I remember is that it has been quite a few years.  (He started out just going part time, although he did start with 26 credits that he earned his first time around working on a bachelors.)

~ 7 ~

Okay, so talk to me on this one…

Toilet paper roll: Does the end of it go up over the roll or under the roll?

I haven’t argued with my kids about it, because I just appreciate that at least one of them (although I think two of them) changes the roll now.  But, they consistently go the opposite way that I do.  So, which way do you do it?

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photo credits – toilet paper  |  UPS truck

Angie Kauffman
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  1. says

    #5: My preemie turns 3 in a few weeks and I’m still not sure that all his bills got paid by insurance. I think we’ve moved enough that they’ve just written it off. They got $500 of a $600 bill so I think we’re just not worth pursuing.

    Having said that, there’s a bumper sticker I want to get that says “We already have death panels. They’re called insurance companies.”

  2. says

    Up and over, for real, every time, I mean it, I’m serious, no kidding, really.
    Did you order a new iPad???
    Continued good luck vibes on the hospital bill. The one from Jacob is going to be a doozy (I’m predicting $25-30k by the time all is said an done), so I’m gearing up for an insurance fight myself.

    • says

      Yes – I totally agree with up and over!

      And, yep — new iPad. :)

      So, is Jacob still on your insurance? I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot because of this incident. How horrible! :(

  3. says

    Are you getting the new iPad? 😉 You’ll have to bring it to the 2:1 Conference, and show me why I need one. (just got the iPad2 last year)

  4. says

    My husband just graduated last year after 6 long years of homework most nights. I understand how exciting this is!
    I still haven’t been able to get my kids to put a new roll of toilet paper on after it empties. Once they accomplish it, I don’t think I’ll care which way it’s pointing. Though I usually have the paper roll over the top.

  5. Amy Flaherty-Scherb says

    I got my package at 8:45 this morning, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Enjoy, please post your favorite apps..

  6. Allison says

    I remember that ice storm, it was terrible. But, just because it’s beautiful today doesn’t mean that something of the sort couldn’t still happen. I am enjoying the windows open and the fresh air though. And, I don’t think I would thank Mom and Dad for air conditioning in that house. They always kept it WAY to cold.

    Way to work it Jack – I would love to see his work in progress.

    Congrats on the “New iPad”. We (Conner and I) have had debates in the past week about the name. Conner insists on calling it the iPad 3 and I am clearly right in calling it the New iPad.

    I’m still praying that you find resolution with your insurance drama.

    Congrats to Eric, he is inspiring me. :)

    And finally, yes Angie, the only correct way to refill a toilet paper dispenser is to insert it so that it rolls from the top. Any other way is absolutely incorrect and against everything I stand for.

    • says

      I think you just thought it was too cold because your bedroom was so cold. My bedroom was not nearly as cold as yours. (And, we battle that now, of course, since the kids sleep in the room that you did.)

      I believe the correct name (according to Apple) is the iPad (3rd generation) and not the iPad 3, even though they called the second one the iPad 2. Go figure.

      Thanks for the congrats to Eric. He has, apparently, been working at it since the end of 2007. (He just looked it up today.) Plus, that was with bringing in 26 credits from his first time around in college. He’s definitely ready to be done.

  7. says

    Completely disagree with Allison :). It goes under. My MIL changes it EVERY TIME she comes over. No joke.

    I have, however, allowed for the tp to go over for ease of little ones who are too small to handle it in the correct manner ;). As soon as they are big enough however, it goes back to normal.

    Good luck on the insurance fight. I am exhausted and stressed just thinking about YOU doing it. Have fun with the iPad!

  8. says

    If you’re getting the new Ipad, Yay!! I’m hoping the old ones will be drastically reduced now, lol.
    I call you a trooper for waiting until the thermostat hit 80!
    Toilet paper, in my opinion, must go on and roll off from the top. It tears better that way, and it really irks me when it rolls from the bottom.

    • says

      Jen – the iPad 2 has gone down in price by $100. I think that’s about the biggest price drop they tend to do on them.

      I agree on the toilet paper. I have a hard time finding it when it goes under. I don’t know why my kids keep doing it.

  9. says

    I love getting packages!

    Yikes about the insurance. I hope you get that worked out.

    We turned our AC on too this past Wednesday. I just put it on 78, so to get the humidity out.

    The toilet paper needs to be where the it rolls over the top. I can’t stand when it’s under.

  10. says

    Hi there, stopping by from the Content Brew class. I really like you recap of highlights. I’m a tp from the top kind of girl, myself.
    Can I just say that I really, really like how well your site is organized with all the categories and subcategories. Seriously, you have me wanting to totally redo my tags and categories after Content Brew is over. Luckily, I only have 6 months of posts to go through.

    • says

      Kacey –

      Thanks so much for stopping by! :) I can’t wait for the class to start. (But, I’m on a girls weekend away, so I have no idea if I’m going to be able to get my pre-class stuff done.)

      The category thing was an undertaking for sure. I did it last year while we were on vacation. (Which meant that it was over four years of blogging then.) I need to update a couple of newer subcategories to add them to the pages. So, from that end, it can be a pain. But, I rarely add subcategories, so it’s not too bad. If you want any ideas when you start doing it, let me know. :)

  11. says

    My birthday is in March, so I always remember what the weather was around my birthday. And it’s ranged from snow to sun (in the same place). As for toilet paper… my hubby pointed out that it’s easiest to grab the TP if it goes OVER the roll. Until he mentioned that, I didn’t really pay any attention to it at all. Packages in the mail are very exciting… I’m expecting one too. :)

  12. says

    Hello there, stopping in from Content Brew class. I really like your page here and your post, you write so well. I feel like my long posts seem to drag out. 😛
    Lucky you for the new iPad! I just bought my new iPhone 4S so the pad will have to wait and we’ll just have to be satisfied with iPad 1. :)

    The toilet paper, definitely goes OVER the top. Not under. I have tried explaining this to my kids and I’m glad when they remember to refill the roll. The other problem with their error has been the Quilted Northern tp we’ve buying. You can tell on a new roll which way is over or under until you pull the roll. CRAZY!

    Hope you’re enjoying the new class so far. I know I am. :)

  13. says

    OH MY GOSH… TOTALLY paper must be on the roll going UP and over the top… every time. SHeesh, I didn’t really realize it was SUCH a hot button for me! HA… I thought my “deal” was only: NO CHARMIN. Yuck!!