7 Quick Takes: July 26, 2013 (Vol. 154)

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~ 1 ~

I think it took me a full 30 seconds to figure out what year to write after the date in the title.  Do you ever do that on your birthday?  You know, you get so used to thinking of that date with a specific year after it that you have a hard time remembering the current year with that date.  Or, maybe it’s just me.  (Please, tell me it’s not just me.)

blue birthday cakeAnyway, this date is one that flummoxes me on a regular basis.  It is not only the date that my wonderful husband and very best friend was born on, but it was also the date on which we became parents for the first time.  Of course, those particular dates happened 24 years apart.

The weird thing about that for me, of course, is that it means that I have occasionally given people my son’s birthdate as happening before mine, and on at least a couple of occasions have been asked for my husband’s birth date (usually for insurance purposes or the like) and tried to tell someone that my husband was born in the late 1990′s.

Oh, the hilarity.

~ 2 ~

So, I suppose I should do some formal birthday wishes today…

Happy birthday to the shy, awkward teenager that I started dating in high school who grew into the smart, funny, generous man that I share my life with.

Happy birthday to the baby boy I once could hold in my arms, the first little boy to call me “mama” who has grown into a kind, inquisitive, and humorous teenager who now gets things off of high shelves for me.

And, it just wouldn’t be complete here on the 26th if I didn’t add…

Happy birthday to the second little boy to call me Aunt Angie who I will always picture in my mind as a little boy with sparkly eyes carrying a stuffed Simba around who now makes us crowd around the television as we watch to see if we can see his name in a show’s credits.

~ 3 ~

food processorOkay, let’s put aside some of the birthday sweetness for right now.

Can I just tell you how much I love my food processor?  I don’t use it super often, but every time I use it, I’m just blown away by how much more convenient it makes whatever task I have chosen to do with it.

Tonight, it was shredding zucchini.  I used to do that manually on a slicing mandolin.  It was always messy and would take more time than I really wanted.  With the food processor, the shredding part took probably a minute total to shred around 14 cups.  Sure, I had to stop what I was doing and measure them out to put in baggies for the freezer.  But, the combined shredding time was ridiculously fast.

I did have to try out the slicing feature, which I have never used.  All I could think was, “Why have I never used this?”  The slices were awesome!

The one that I have is only around $35 on Amazon too, so if you’ve ever had an inclination to get one, I would.  You know, because I did.

~ 4 ~

Are you on Instagram?

If you are and you’re not following the U.S. Department of the Interior, you need to be.  If you follow them, then you can see pictures like this:


~ 5 ~

Oh, and you can follow me on Instagram too, but my pictures aren’t really what I would call breath taking.

I’m more of a bicycles and tomatoes kind of picture taker, I guess.

~ 6 ~

That picture in #4 made me open up Google maps and plan a 70 hour drive (round trip) out west.  A lot of time could be trimmed off if I hadn’t been wanting to see Seattle for the past 20 years or so.

Now, I don’t know that we’ll actually ever make such a road trip, but it would be pretty cool.  Of course, our kids would probably mutiny at some point during it.

~ 7 ~

That kind of trip would take some serious thought.  But, you know what didn’t take some serious thought this week?  On a whim after a very brief conversation before I was going to have my hair done, we asked our beautician if she would have time to cut Molly’s hair.  She was shocked when we showed her how much and we were thinking five inches.  So, that’s exactly what we did and now her hair is still longer than a lot of little girl’s hair but is also fun and bouncy.  She is thrilled.


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  1. says

    I love that last birthday wish. How very intriguing!

    Good for you for planning an ambitious trip, even if it’s only to enjoy the thinking about it. :)

  2. says

    I’ll have to keep that food processor in mind. I really don’t want one of those huge ones and mine is almost 25 years old; chances are I’ll be replacing it soon.