7 Quick Takes: January 19, 2013 (Vol. 144)

~ 1 ~

I constantly feel like I have no time for all of the online tasks that I do. To top it off, I actually started working for another blogger as a virtual assistant (or, as she deemed my title “online project manager”).

But, here’s the funny thing about it. Eric and I sat down to talk about how I could find better working hours earlier this week. We went through all the things I do online and he wanted estimates on how long things take. We mostly tried to over estimate. When broken up over a week’s time, it was surprisingly less time than I would have guessed.

Perhaps checking out Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as following every rabbit trail I find are taking up a bit too much of my time, huh?

~ 2 ~

Speaking of getting organized though, I feel like I’m keeping up with my tasks so much better this year because of my new planner that I picked out and then Eric gave me for Christmas:

the new planner I love

In fact, he liked it so much once he saw it that he wanted one too. I’m happy to say that we both are feeling like we’re being more productive with them. But, then again, that’s what we should expect from a planner that says the layout is designed to get things done.

~ 3 ~

Confession for the week: I have a load of laundry in the washing machine currently that I have already washed twice. It is possible that I may end up washing it a third time. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I mean, of course I’ve forgotten and had to wash things twice. It doesn’t happen often anymore, but it has happened. But, three times? Maybe I need to write it on my to do list so I won’t forget.

Please note that I know full well that my mother reads this blog. So, not only did I just admit that to all of you, she is now shaking her head, I’m sure.

~ 4 ~

There was actually a gap of a day in between writing #4 and #3. I think I felt guilty about the laundry because I finally managed to fold the laundry that was stopping me from moving that other load over, and then did a little more laundry too. Whew!

~ 5 ~

I made up another set of printables at Catholic Mothers Online this week. This time is another handwriting page available in either print, cursive, or d’nealian style and features a quote from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (aka Mother Teresa). I just thought it was such a perfect quote for a handwriting page.

mother teresa handwriting page

~ 6 ~

This week, I had quite a surprise one day. I got up early because of a post that I hadn’t written that was due in, and I found that the kids were all up, had eaten breakfast, and were just about half way done with school.

You know what? That made the whole day wonderful for everyone. The kids kept talking throughout the day about what a difference it made in our day for them to get started early. They talked about trying to do it every day. I thought it sounded like a great idea! (But you know what? The very next day, video games seemed a whole lot more interesting. Oh well.)

~ 7 ~

Putting these 7 Quick Takes together this week seemed like really hard work.  How is it that on some of our busiest weeks, I always feel like I have the least to say?

All I know is that is a pretty good case for trying to be a little less busy.

Oh, I do know one thing that I was reminded over and over this week: it’s such a blessing to have wonderful family and friends in my life.  I need that, especially on days when I get a little crazy.

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    It does seem strange that on the busiest of weeks, the words just are not there. I had that this week as well. Then when I start writing there are too many. Hopping over from Weekly Wrap-Up.