7 Quick Takes: January 13, 2012 (Vol. 108)

Pam Grace Creations Growth Chart

~ 1 ~

News flash: I’m short.

I never like to think of myself as short, but it’s becoming more and more obvious to me.  You see, once upon a time, I was tall.  For several years in elementary school, I was the tallest person in my class.  I still kind of think of myself like that.  I like to forget that it really just meant that I started growing sooner than most people.  As a matter of fact, I’m not sure that I really grew much taller past finishing elementary school.

This week, I went to the doctor and they measured my height.  I asked what it was, just to verify the number they gave me a few years ago before my kidney stone surgery.  Yep — 5 feet 5-1/4 inches.

For fun, Eric also measured Noah (age 12) and I against the wall to compare our heights.  I’m still taller, but only by about 1/32 of an inch.  Goodness!

~ 2 ~

I overbook my time all the time.  It’s how I roll.  But, all of the sudden this week, I realized that I accidentally did it in kind of a big way.  Oops!

On the up side, I am going to have a little free time this weekend, and I know for sure that I need to be working on design projects the whole time.

Apparently I need to continue with my reading of Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time!  (I’m seriously enjoying it, by the way.  But, haven’t really had time to read, obviously.  Sitting at the doctor’s office for two hours this week bought me some time though.)

~ 3 ~

Yes, that’s right.  I was at the doctor’s office this week for a little over two hours from the time I was told to arrive until I left the lab.  Most of that time was just waiting, although I did spend about 45 minutes with a doctor that I hadn’t seen before.  (Who I really enjoyed, by the way, so then I almost didn’t even mind that I had to wait so long.)

~ 4 ~

Speaking of going to the doctor, can I just tell you how it is kind of disconcerting when you pick up a prescription that the doctor has put you on, you read the literature that you get with it from the pharmacy, and you don’t have any of the conditions that are described in the section of what it’s usually used for?

I mean — not one of them.  In fact, you don’t even have anything similar to anything listed.  As in, for instance, you have excellent blood pressure and the main purpose is high blood pressure.

Thanks to Google, however, I was able to find people talking about using it for the reason the doctor prescribed it.  But, I was worried there for a while.

~ 5 ~

Know what’s coming to theaters today?  Beauty and the Beast, that’s what!

While the theaters near us are offering some times of the 2D version, I’m thinking that we might be daring and go see a full length 3D movie for the first time.  (We’ve seen a couple 3D movies at attractions, such as Mickey’s Philharmagic when we were in Disney World in December.)  I’m not really sure what I’ll think of watching a 3D movie for so long, but hopefully it will be doable.  I guess it just seems that of any movie to see in 3D, Beauty and the Beast is an ideal choice.

Have you been to 3D movies?  Do you like them or not?

~ 6 ~

Another thing that I’m psyched about —

I managed to feed us all a hot breakfast almost all week.  As someone who is known to skip breakfast (or just grab something like a Fiber One bar), I was surprised that I thought I felt more full throughout the day just by eating a fuller, more nutritious breakfast.  I guess breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, huh?

On the learning to cook front, I tackled a meal that was a skill level 3 (the highest skill level) in Anyone Can Cook: Step-by-Step Recipes Just for You.  This involved me making homemade chicken gravy.  Now, I know for all of you out there that know how to properly cook, that’s not a big deal, but I was very pleased with myself.  While I only used a couple of small spoonfuls myself, I was just happy to have done it.

~ 7 ~

Are you interested in attending The 2:1 Conference in April?  This will be a great conference for homeschool bloggers (although there are lots of opportunities to choose what talks you go to, so you don’t really have to be a homeschooler).  You can check out the fab schedule here.

Anyway, through Friday night, you can enter a contest on Raising Arrows to win a free ticket to attend the 2:1 Conference!  Go check it out and enter!

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  1. says

    Ang, when you are done with that book, I would love to read it. It has been on my To-Read list for YEARS and YEARS, but sadly, I have procrastinated on picking up a copy! LOL!
    Hope your new meds do the trick! Much love!

  2. says

    I’m trying to have a food revolution too this year! I managed to do a hot breakfast 5 out 7 days. Wed we did fruit smoothies and today it’s bagels! (but you can toast them so does that make it a hot breakfast???)

    I am cooking challenged too and it is a major effort for me not to do carry out and prepackaged stuff and actually cook!

    I just started this 7 Quick Takes thing. Fun!

    • says

      Hey — I say toasted bagels can be hot breakfast!

      Good luck on working on your cooking and becoming more proficient. It’s hard to start putting forth that effort when it’s not normally something you do every night. Or, at least that’s what I’ve found.

  3. says

    Oh, 5’5 1/4″ isn’t short! I’m 5’6 1/2″. I used to be 5’7 “, but at my last doctor’s visit I shrunk! What’s up with that? I’m not THAT old yet! LOL But I know what you mean about your 12-year-old. My about-to-turn-13-year-old is getting closer and closer to my height everyday! He’s 5’5ish now. It won’t be long by the way he’s eating!

    • says

      I think more of the issue is that I’m positive I was taller than this before. How can that even be, right? I’m only 35.

      Yep – sounds like your son will be taller than you before you know it!

    • says

      I only feel bad because I used to be tall. It’s hard to get used to be not so tall when you go several years of being tall. Well, clearly – if I’m still living my tall haydays from elementary and middle school. LOL