7 Quick Takes: Fevers, Cavities, and Coloring Pages

~ 1 ~

It seems like every time I go on Facebook lately, somebody else is chiming in that they or someone else in their family is sick.  Our family has been no exception to this, and we’ve managed to have four of the five of us sick over the past week and a half.

Know what this means?  It means that we’ve not had a particularly exciting Christmas break and my birthday was not all that fun.  On the up side, I did get pampered.  But, mostly because Eric was taking care of me, even though he was sick too.

Not fun.

~ 2 ~

There was actually a bit of humor in it all, actually.

On the night when I was the sickest, my temperature (which usually is closer to 97 degrees) got up to 102.  I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep when I had an epiphany.

Eric and I really should get married!

I actually laid in bed for a minute or two pondering over this idea before I furrowed my brow and thought, “Hang on – we’re already married.”  (Coming up on 18 years this summer.)

Crazy fever.

~ 3 ~

I consider myself an educated person.  Seriously – I have two degrees.  That has to count for something, right?

Now, prepare yourself, because what I’m about to say will probably nullify all of those things I just said.

I know the definition of the word cavity, but I never realized that a cavity in a tooth is a hole.  I never really thought through it at all.  I just knew it was not good.  Well, imagine my surprise when Molly lost a tooth today that the dentist had identified as a tooth with a cavity.  Since it was already loose, he said he wouldn’t do anything.  There was a very visible hole in the side of it.  I was shocked.

I don’t think I am going to think of my past cavities and fillings quite the same way again now that I’ve seen that tooth.

~ 4 ~

Eric and I each made a coloring page for the new site this week.  Of course, his involved free hand drawing, while mine was considerably more computer based.

My coloring page:

Most Holy Name of Jesus Coloring PageGo to post to download

Eric’s cutie pie coloring page of Mary and Baby Jesus (I love it!):

Mary and Baby Jesus Coloring PageGo to post to download

~ 5 ~

I’m officially having a high school freak out where it comes to homeschooling.  In what is clearly the difference between men and women, I’ve been worried about it for about two years now.  Eric told me the other day that we had six months to worry about it, so I shouldn’t be concerned yet.

Go figure.

I officially have zero idea what we will be using next year for our first high schooler.

~ 6 ~

If you’re a blogger, are you making any online changes for 2014?

I’m not usually one to make grand resolutions or to get really deep about a new year.  But, this year I’ve really been thinking a lot about my online life.  What to do more of, and what to let go.  What seems to be working, and what isn’t worth the effort.  I would love to think that after seven years of blogging that I might have finally figured out some things, but I don’t actually think so.  If I could just have a more efficient year though, that would be great.

For now, I’m still making my plans and deciding about some changes.

~ 7 ~

I haven’t done a 7 Quick Takes in months, but I think I’m planning to try to get back to doing them in 2014.  Even so, I’m stuck here at number seven and I’m calling it a night.

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  1. says

    My Quick Takes this week were super short and sweet because I’m sick! Seriously, EVERYONE is sick right now. Happy Belated Birthday! Homeschooling for high school scares me too . . . although my oldest is only three and my second child won’t be born until March . . . My personal experience as a homeschooled high schooler wasn’t, umn, the most joyful or academic. (Although I did well in college, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.) Have a great and healthy week!

  2. Cassie says

    I hadn’t really thought about a cavity either. I just thought it was a place on the tooth that was rotten . . . makes since it would be a hole . . . . I guess. I’m the same with high school! I have a year and a half and I’m freaking out! I do have a couple of books on hand to read, but I’m afraid it will make my fear even worse! LOL! I just feel overwhelmed about staying on track and all the paperwork. This is the first Christmas in a long time that no one has been sick! I prayed a lot about this. I dread Christmas sometimes because all or some of us are sick and it is a dreadful break. Sorry to hear you all have been sick! (I may have never commenting before, but I read your blog from time to time. Just felt talkative today!)