7 Quick Takes: February 8, 2013 (Vol. 147)

~ 1 ~

Eric has officially finished a big project that he has been working on for the past five years (plus a couple years when we were still practically kids).  He is now a college graduate!

Although he finished school right before we went to Disney World in December, the semester didn’t end until mid December and the graduation information didn’t appear on the transcript until February 1st.  Up until we finally saw it on the transcript, we both felt like it wasn’t actually real.  With the degrees not being shipped until some in February and him being in Disney World during the graduation ceremony in December, it just seemed surreal.

Congratulations to Eric!  We’re so proud of you and all of the work that you’ve done over the last five years.

~ 2 ~

We have a weather station very similar to the one shown here.  We’ve had it for several years and we really enjoy it.  But, we started noticing that it was a few degrees off, so Eric decided to move it to a different spot.  Unfortunately, he didn’t really think about how much sun that spot was getting.  So, on a sunny day, like today, when the high got up into the lower fifties, our weather station had this to say about the temperature…

wrong temperature

Yep, it was 32 degrees off.  That doesn’t even take into account that the upper right shows the high for the day as 90.

Happily, Eric found a new spot and in just 20 minutes, the recorded temperature had already dropped 23 degrees and just kept dropping.  I’m also happy that the weather station will stop mocking me by promising warm temperatures when it’s actually cold.

~ 3 ~

the new planner I loveI have had the least productive week of the new year so far.  I was getting frustrated and then realized that it was also the first week that I didn’t put anything in my new planner.

Mental note: My new planner is very good for me.  I should not decide to stop using it for a week.

(Eric is still loving the new planner too, since he also got one for himself.  Love! it!)

~ 4 ~

Speaking of products that I am loving, I have to share these headbands that Molly and I have both been loving from an Etsy shop called Specifically Random.

The headbands are cute and well made, and the shipping is super fast (although when I first shopped with her, it was at a craft show).  Plus, I love that Kelly sells the headbands in different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for people.  Plus, it’s super cool that she makes them all on a vintage sewing machine.

~ 5 ~

I had to send what felt like an awkward text message when I cancelled Molly’s cello lesson for the week because she was too grumpy.  Who uses that as an excuse for missing lessons?

But, you know what?  She was really, really grumpy and had been for a couple of days.

When Eric got home, he hugged her and then turned to me and said, “She seems pretty warm.  Have you taken her temperature?”

Yep, yet another fever in our house.  (At least it wasn’t a sign of a horrible new personality.)

~ 6 ~

I have a new word search available on Catholic Mothers Online that I just made this week with terms from Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday.

On the Road to Easter Word Search

~ 7 ~

{Please insert your choice of something witty, hilarious, or thought provoking, and pretend I said it.  My head is congested and I probably sorely need to use the neti pot.}


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  1. says

    Ok, that happens to our weather device too. Now my husband is actually very smart, but he says that if it says 65 and it’s really 30 out, then it does feel like 65 out in the sun. Um, not really. I have given up on that conversation. LOL!

    Congrats to Eric!

    Oh and bummer about the fever. I’m glad there was a reason for Molly’s grumpiness.