7 Quick Takes: Epic Nerf Battles, Enigmatic Theater, and a Wall Desk


~ 1 ~

nerf bowOne of my most fun moments of the week happened just after Molly got a new Nerf bow.  We came home, and had to start looking at all of the Nerf things that we have.  Then, it quickly turned into everyone grabbing a Nerf weapon and an all out epic family Nerf battle.

Initially, it was girls against boys, but then turned into me and the two youngest kids against Eric and Noah.

Do you know how I know it’s an epic battle?  It’s when, at the end, at least a few people say, “I need to put on more deodorant now.”  Plus, some people had minor, temporary injuries.  That’s a good battle.

~ 2 ~

I felt bad that I kept using Molly’s cool Nerf guns, so then I had to go to Target and get my own.  The bubbly cashier asked if I was buying it as a birthday gift.  I then had to tell her that it was actually for me because there was some epic Nerf battles going down at our house.

One of my favorite parts about buying the Nerf gun for myself was that after I sent a picture of it to one of my best friends, I got a text back in all caps that said, “YES! EAT MAJOR NERF FOAM SUCKAS!”

Nerf guns

~ 3 ~

Homeschooling in high school freak out continues this week, as I’m sure it will pretty much every week until we’re either finally doing it or until I settle on exactly what materials we’ll be using next year.

This week, I continued to look at programs like Mother of Divine Grace, Seton, and Sonlight, as well as online classes through places like Indiana University and BYU.  Who knows what we’ll do.

One of my biggest beefs with Seton is that they use a grading scale were 93 – 100 is an A and so on.  I’ve just never been a fan of grading scales that aren’t 90/80/70/etc.  I understand that it’s supposed to be a sign that they are more difficult, but when those transcripts are going up against the more typical grading scale transcripts, it doesn’t seem like a fair match.

~ 4 ~

Free printables that I made this week and put on my other sites:

Religious Valentine cards

Valentines with Bible verses about love

Abraham Lincoln Crossword

Crossword Puzzle about Abraham Lincoln

Hail Mary Word Search

Hail Mary Word Search

~ 5 ~

Check it out – I’m so excited:

Show Your Disney Side

I got notification that my goodies (a 28 pound package!) are shipping soon!  I can’t wait to start planning my Disney Side @Home Celebration.  Watch for more information as I get ready for the party.

~ 6 ~

About four months ago, I pinned a flip down wall art desk.  I thought it was exactly what Molly’s room could use.  Progress did not move very quickly on said project.  Oddly, Molly kept pestering me about it.  This was not particularly helpful, as I would not be building it.

Eric built the desk, even using a piece of wood from our old piano for the front.  Then, it sat around some more waiting for me to paint it.  After I finally did that, we waited for Eric to put it up.  It really did turn into a project that I thought was never going to get done as we each took our sweet time doing our portions.

This very cool flip down desk, however, now graces Molly’s wall.  I love it!

flip down desk front

flip down wall desk

~ 7 ~

Isn’t it amazing how something seemingly innocuous can turn into some big deal that might even leave you saying, “Why is this such a big deal?”

I had one of those moments this week that spread out over about three days.  It was especially annoying because it was all about things that happened over two decades ago.  Every time I thought I was over it, some other memory or emotion popped up and it started all again.  It was both ridiculous and sad all rolled up into one.

Have you ever had a time in your life where you think, “If I could just have two minutes with myself at that age, I would…(say something, do something, whatever)”?  I don’t normally think that way at all, but this week, I picked a certain age of me that I would now just go put my arms around her and then probably shake her while saying, “Don’t be sad anymore, just be angry and then be done with it.  You’re better than this.”

Of course, I can’t do that.  But, it kind of made me feel better just knowing that that’s what I would do if I could.

And thus ends my monologue from Enigmatic Theater. 

But, seriously — pick an age or a situation that you’ve had.  What would you tell yourself if you could give yourself advice knowing what you now?

FYI to Eric: You should probably not comment with, “Don’t date that freshman that kept flirting with you during junior year.”

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  1. Anna Rounseville says

    Wow, what fun you’re having. I never thought to buy myself my own nerf gun I was always so annoyed that the things kept falling into the heat vents. You’ve got the right idea of fun though, Rock on!
    Oh, and also don’t stress out too much about homeschooling high school. You sound very fun, and clearly motivated to have a good family life. High School fits in pretty well. My daughter wanted to homeschool, so I found her the materials that she worked best with and that fulfilled our NY State requirements for our district, and she did them. Saxon D.I.V.E. was an absolute Godsend because she could work at her own pace and repeat whatever part of the lecture she needed to repeat as needed. Homescholar (Lee Binz-I think its spelled that way) has a book on transcripts that takes the scary out of it. Totally recommend that one. Do all you IHIPs and quarterly reports, or whatever your school district has you do, and the transcript also is good to give to them. The transcript + the superintendent letter got her into a local college. See not so scary. You can do it! Good Luck, and good aim with the epic nerf wars, just brilliant!

    • says

      We had one time when a Nerf dart got shot into a light fixture. Needless to say, we had to turn off the light quickly, but it still melted some onto the light bulb. Oops!

      Thanks for the high school tips! I appreciate it! :)

  2. says

    Those Nerf bows look so cool!
    My daughter will be in 10th grade next year, and we worked together to design a curriculum. She’s obsessed with the shows Sherlock and Psych, so we’ve designed a curriculum around private investigation. Sherlock Holmes books and writing mysteries will cover most of English, Psychology for Social Studies, Kinesics and Logic as electives, Astronomy Through Art for science (no connection to private investigation, but she wants to do this, and probably geometry through math u see.

    • says

      It’s very cool. When one of my friends saw it in person, she thought it also might be the answer to having multiple desks, but not having the room taken up of having multiple desks.

  3. M says

    The Catholic schools in my diocese (Wichita, KS) all use the 93-100 for an A, etc, grading scale and I naively assumed all schools used the same system until I was halfway through high school. Thanks to the more demanding grading scale though, college was a cinch for me, so it turned out to be a very good thing. Good luck with your decisions!