6 Tips For Stress Free Spring Cleaning

The following is a post from contributing writer Carlie.

Spring is in the air! At least she has shown up a few times here in the beautiful region of upper Bavaria, Germany. Regardless of where you live, longer days and more light give most of us the urge to get busy and do something productive.

In addition to planning the next school year, spring cleaning is high on the agenda for these beautiful new long days ahead. In accomplishing this task, I have managed to keep it stress free for the past decade.

Below you will find a few practical tips to help you have a stress free indoor/outdoor spring cleaning. Following the list beneath is a link to a sample schedule that mimics the format my family uses to help you implement these tips.

  1. Pick a scripture for your spring cleaning agenda. Every year, we kick off the spring cleaning festivities with a scripture that we speak and pray over our time from start to finish. We have found this to be an amazing tool in keeping a positive attitude while working towards our goals.

  2. Get the entire family involved. I have found over the years that ALL walking family members (with the exception of pets) CAN help effectively reach the goal of deep cleaning inside and outside of your house in the spring. Giving age appropriate tasks lighten the load for everyone while giving the children a sense of security in the role they play in the family as well as a sense of accomplishment. It also gives the children time management skills and the chance to practice obedience and diligence while uniting the family on a common purpose. Family unity at it’s finest.
  3. Set realistic goals. To some this is common sense, but for those with Type A personalities like myself, it can be tough to remember. When we work hard to match the task with the appropriate age and skill level, it makes for a fool-proof recipe of success.

  4. Plan it over the course of a week or two (or three) to make room for living life and enjoying each other while cleaning. We have found it much easier to section off the common tasks and spread them out over the course of a two to three weeks. Of course every family is different from (size, location, work schedules, number of family members, etc), so you can decide how long is best for your family dynamic. And if something doesn’t work, just modify it, no big deal.

  5. Be flexible! I cannot stress this enough. It is so important to allow for “life” to happen while accomplishing such a large task. It keeps the productivity high when the children (and even our spouse)
  6. Celebrate your accomplishment! Each year at the conclusion of our spring cleaning, we celebrate with either a small party at home to include a night of fun games or a special dinner out coupled with an activity. This tradition for us has built a family bond that is compatible with our love for Christ and serving others, a true joy to see!

To find a sample 1-week schedule my family and I use during this ever-so-important time of the year, click HERE.

When Carlie is not scheduling and participating in spring cleaning, she can be found spilling the beans about family, faith, homeschooling, military life, cooking, and lots more at her blog: So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler?



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    Thanks for sharing! I certainly need inspiration this time of year. Unfortunately the link to your sample schedule didn’t work for me?