25 Reasons Why You Should Attend the 2:1 Conference

Written by contributor Kris Bales of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

I’m hoping that, by now, you’ve heard about the 2:1 Conference,  but maybe you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should go, why you should go, or if you can afford to go. I hope I can answer some of those questions today with 25 compelling reasons why you should attend the 2:1 Conference. (These are in no particular order.)

1. To be encouraged in your walk with God.

2. To hang out with your online friends (a.k.a. that all-important socialization).

3. To be encouraged in your homeschool journey.

4. To meet new friends.

5. To be refreshed as a wife, mom, and homeschooling parent (unless you’re the homeschool dad, in which case, don’t expect to be refreshed as a wife and mom).

6. Because it’s a great deal. (I mean, seriously, check out these room rates and all your meals and snacks are included!)

7. To learn how to better manage your time

8. To learn how to use your blog to glorify God.

9. To be re-inspired to use your homeschool to glorify God.

10. To learn how to connect with brands and create amazing partnerships between your blog and the brands you know and trust.

11. To get tips on raising godly children.

12. To learn to navigate social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

13. To enjoy delicious meals that you don’t have to cook.

14. To use sheets and towels that you don’t have to wash and sleep in a bed that you don’t have to make.

15. To spend your spring break doing something other than playing Words with Friends or pinning stuff.

16. To learn how to monetize your blog.

17. Because it will be fun.

18. Because you need some you time, or…

19. Because you can get a great rate on an extended stay and bring the family with you.

20. To see what your online friends look and sound like in person.

21. Because once you meet your online friends in person, you can drop all that “online” stuff and just call them “friends”.

22. Because you’ll get to meet all the fantastic sponsors.

23. Because I’ve heard it’s a “whine-free ” zone.

24. Because you may never get that close to our nation’s capital again.

25. So you can hang out with me…or, if that doesn’t convince you, there’s always all these fabulous folks:

Christine Young of From Dates to Diapers

Heidi and Jay St. John of First Class Homeschool Ministries

Rachael Carmen of Apologia

Rebecca Ingram Powell of Mom Seriously

Zan Tyler of Apologia

Amy Andrews, author of Tell Your Time

Amy Gross of Mom’s Toolbox

Amy Roberts of Raising Arrows

Andy Fletcher of The Mango Times

Angie Kauffman of Many Little Blessings and founder/editor of The Homeschool Classroom

Belinda Bullard of A Blessed Heritage

Carisa Hinson of 1+1+1=1

Heather Laurie of Special Needs Homeschooling

Jennifer Janes of Jennifer Janes

Jolanthe Erb of Homeschool Creations

Kendra Fletcher of Preschoolers and Peace

Linda Difino of  The Joyful Journey and The Homeschool Apologist

Lisa Bertolini of The Homespun Life

Maggie Hogan of Bright Ideas Press

Stef Layton, founder of The Homeschool Village

Toni Anderson of The Happy Housewife

So, there you have it! Twenty-five reasons why you should attend the 2:1 Conference. Hope to see you there!

Kris is the sweet-tea-drinking, classically eclectic, slightly Charlotte Mason mom to her three Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She chronicles her nearly 90 pound weight loss and transformation from morbidly obese couch potato to half-marathon runner on her fitness blog, Eclipsed.

Kris Bales
Kris, who blogs at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, is a homeschooling mom to three amazing kids and wife to her unbelievably supportive husband. She enjoys photography, running, and drinking sweet tea. You can connect with Kris on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.


  1. Joy says

    A no whine zone PLUS not having to cook my meals? Loving it! Looking forward to meeting you and the others who will be speaking!