20 Reasons to Love Fall

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I’ve written before about my love of fall.  And, despite it forcing me into a sometimes desperate need for sinus medication and the neti pot, I’ll just keep loving it.

I know you’re no good for me, fall, but you had me at pumpkin.

20 reasons to love fall

20 Reasons to Love Fall

1. The weather eventually starts to cool down.

2. Clothes like jeans, sweaters, cardigans, and boots can be worn again.

3. All of the beautiful colors on the leaves.

4. The crunchiness of the leaves once they fall.

5. The birthdays of many people I love, including one in our very own house.

6. Pumpkin flavored everything.

7. The weather is cool enough to go on long walks or bike rides comfortably.

8. Spending Thanksgiving with my family.

9. The crisp, cool nights, especially when they’re filled with stars.

10. Our new tradition of taking an annual camping trip during the fall.  (Okay, it’s not as much camping as it is staying at a rustic cabin in a state park.  But, that’s as close as we get to camping.)

11. Apple picking with the kids.

12. We’re past the back to school time feel and have gotten into more of a routine.

13. Fall festivals and craft shows.

14. It gets cool enough that I can sometimes get hot drinks at Starbucks instead of iced ones.

15. Windy weather.  You know, not scary windy — that’s not fun.  Just the fun windy kind of weather.

16. All of the new and returning television shows.  This year I’m not as excited about new ones, but I’ll be excited to see some of our favorites return.

17. Advent starts toward the end of fall and we get to start gearing up for Christmas.

18.  Christmas shopping.

19. Watching Molly collect acorn caps and use them as berets for her Littlest Pet Shop pets.

20. There’s one night where we gain an extra hour of sleep.

So, what about you?  What do you love about fall?

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  1. DJ Mom-E says

    Fall? What’s that? We have Summer and Spring. I do love that we get a break from the streaks of 90+ degree heat. And I love that the public schools are back in school so that when it IS 80 degrees out in October, the beach isn’t crowded. Welcome to Southern California!

  2. says

    I love Fall too! For me it’s cool breezes, lots of festivals and great family memories and traditions. (We don’t really have Fall ya know.. shhhhh!)

  3. says

    Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love that the weather is starting to school after a hot, hot summer (which is very different from spring which is just warming up from cold winter). I love the colors and being able to have the windows open. Since I got my extra-special (to me) car, I love riding with the sunroof open. I love nights when it’s cool enough to have a campfire outside and make s’mores.

    {Sigh} I think I could have made my own list of 20 things I love about fall. :)

  4. says

    I agree. I love Fall too. Especially right now when it still feels like an extension of summer without the intense heat and humidity. The only downside to fall in my books is that winter follows. :( Thanks so much for hosting your great link. Off to check out some of the other “lists”.

  5. says

    I love the fall, too! For tons of reasons. In particular, the fact that here in FL, it means less humidity – which means happy hair days ;) It also means not sweating when just walking from your car to the grocery store.

    Thanks for hosting this linky – it’s my first time joining in!