10 Very Cool Etsy Shops

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I am thrilled each time I get to shop on Etsy.  Not only do I love supporting artists and artisans (especially since I have my own Etsy shop, of course), but the variety of items that you can find on Etsy are just astounding.  If you haven’t shopped on Etsy before, I would advise you to at least browse around – you just never know what you’ll find.

Here are ten shops that I have in my favorites on Etsy

1. Mary’s Psalter – Gorgeous Rosaries and religious jewelry!  I have purchased several Rosaries from this seller, though not through her shop on Etsy, and have always been so pleased.

2. Specifically Random – I have mentioned this shop in passing on the blog before.  I love these hand bands.  I have a bunch of them because they are cute, comfortable, and come in different sizes (because my head isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of head, I guess).

3. Jay Wiese – Awesome handmade modern stoneware pottery!  Plus, I met Jay at my sister-in-law’s wedding several years ago, and I instantly liked him.  (He’s married to one of my best friends from middle and high school.)

4. Gallery of Automatons and Other Curiosities – Cool, quirky art work.  I bought a piece that is not in his shop at a gallery, and it is just awesome.  I mean, seriously.  It’s about Robot Overlords.  It made a perfect Christmas present for Eric.  Plus, ironically, it’s right near our bed, though it reminds us that we are puny humans and that robots never sleep.

5. LL Townley Ceramic – As long as I’m getting my geek on here, I thought I might as well through this one on next.  With bowls and cups featuring things like the chemical compound of caffeine, a quadratic equation, and the Pythagorean Theorem, it’s hard for me not to smile and add everything to my cart.

6. Happy Deliveries – I’m a sucker for letterpress.  I would love to be able to make letterpress items.  Alas, I don’t have the time nor the equipment.  Happy Deliveries is definitely a place to get them though!  I have this one in my home (but in black), because it’s one of my favorites from the Bible.

7. Bergen Bags – Vegan messenger bags, although she also used to have other types of bags (not just messenger) available as well.  I have two bags, including my purse with hedgehogs on it which I receive compliments on all the time.

8. Memento Moose – Two words: LEGO Rosaries.  So very cool.  I would like to get one for Molly sometime, as she’s very into her LEGO Friends sets.  I picked up a single decade one for Eric for Christmas one year and just loved it.

9. All That Scrap – Everyone in our family except Eric have a tool caddy made by Kristin.  Of course, in interest of full disclosure, she is my sister.  But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t love our decorated tool caddies all the same.

10. Vol 25 – I haven’t ordered from Vol 25 before, but gosh – I just love so many of the pieces.  Just beautiful work!

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  1. Dianna says

    I could peruse Etsy for days ….. I’m on the hunt now for a display for Rachel’s horse event ribbons.

    I love Lishy Bands … these are velvet backed ribbon headbands that will.not.slip. I’ve had the more expensive, mass produced versions and gave Lishy Bands a try since they were cheaper.

    I was blown away. The quality was wonderful, the customer service was awesome and the best? I liked them so much better than the same headbands that cost over twice as much. Win!