10 Things that Filled My Day Today

This seems like the hallmark of being unprepared for Top Ten Tuesday this week.  Like it just crept up on me and I said, “Um…let’s see…yeah!  I’ll just tell them ten things I did today.  That’s pure blogging gold.”

So, it wasn’t really so much like that.  It was more like this, “What in the world am I going to write about tonight?  Man – I  can’t get this song out of my head.  Hey – I should write about dancing today.”

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10 Things that Filled My Day Today

1. It was our first day back to school after a week off.  We’ve been doing a 6 week on/1 week off schedule this school year (which we love so far), and today was our first day back.

2. We went to see a play/musical based on a children’s book.  This made our first day back seem more manageable.  It was a pretty cute hour long performance, although the Mom sitting next to me fell asleep and I started getting pretty restless about 40 minutes into it.

I had to be perturbed as we left, however, as a teacher with a classroom of kids pushed her way into our small group of homeschoolers that was already walking and then huffed and said, “Seriously!” when I had my kids go ahead and keep walking (which meant we walked right through her class).  I wanted to stop and ask her if she thought she was teaching her students good manners by stepping right in the middle of us and then being rude that we needed to keep our group together.  But, instead, I just took a deep breath and tried to shake it off.

3. Lunch from the McDonald’s drive through.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much I don’t actually want to get fast food.  I don’t prepare and then we end up out past lunch time and hungry.  Sigh.

Just Dance 44. We danced and danced after Just Dance and Just Dance 4 arrived at our house.   Oh. my. word!  I love Just Dance.  One of my favorite moments during dancing today was when I made Eric dance with me and he saw me watching him out of the corner of my eye and he started fussing at me, “Don’t look at me dancing!”

(He will only join in with Just Dance if we promise that we’ll be so busy watching what we need to do that we won’t look at him.)

5. Bought the song “Rock Lobster” with two of my children happily cheering about it.  It was thanks to Just Dance 4 that they love the song now, but it still felt like a parenting win.

6. I gave a lot of tips and tutorials to my Mom who has entered the world of smart phones today.  In exchange, she made us chili and came over to have dinner with us.  Yum!

7.  Eric and I played bid euchre with my parents after dinner.  My Mom and I managed to lose by 50 points.  When you consider that the winning team only has to get to 52 points, then it’s especially bad.  It was just not our night.

8.  Eric placed an order to get the iPhone 5.  He also talked to a lady at Verizon, came home and off-handedly told me something she said about insurance on the phones, and then he watched my head almost explode.

You see, we found out tonight that even though we bought AppleCare for our phones two years ago, we’ve also been charged $9.99 per phone for the last two years from Verizon for insurance on the iPhones as well.  I verified this on pages 5 and 7 of our 8 page bill that we get each month.  Mind you, the charge had some funny name so I would never have known it was insurance (and it’s an eight page bill, for crying out loud).  If you’re keeping score, this means that we paid $480 over the course of two years for insurance on phones that we had already paid close to $200 to insure through Apple.  (Even though we bought the AppleCare at Verizon the night we bought the phones, but then our sales guy apparently also added their insurance.)

Yeah, I was pretty furious.  Eric called Verizon, and they’re taking their insurance off now.  But, we still paid for what we paid for and have no way to do anything about that.  Extra sigh.

(This was actually why I made Eric dance with me on Just Dance 4.  I told him I had to dance it out.)

9. We found the addictive Candy Cane Kisses at the store this weekend.  I have been trying to avoid them, but I guess the day was just too much for me, because I ate several of those delicious kisses tonight.  (And by several, I mean a bunch.)

10. I dyed some blue streaks into my hair.  Okay, so dyed is a strong word.  I used Splat Washable Hair Color that will only last until I wash it.  I also did it in Jack’s hair, though his was completely gone a couple of hours later (without having washed it out).  In Molly’s, I did blue and pink.  I can see this being a fun thing to do, as it is (obviously) extremely easy to remove from hair.

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  1. says

    Honestly, these are my favorite type of posts. I’m thinking this is maybe what blogs were about before tutorials & sponsored posts & such ;).

  2. Desiree says

    So relieved to hear I’m not the only homeschool momma who plans poorly and ends up at the fast food drive-thru while out and about! I’ve made it a goal to be better about that, lol. It’s fun to just see how the day has gone for others.