10 Things on My Wish List

Okay, so you may not be shopping for me this Christmas, but maybe my wish list will inspire you with some of your shopping. (Of course, as my family knows, if you’re shopping for me for Christmas, you probably already gave me your gift anyway, since we’ve already celebrated Christmas with most of our family.)

Ten Things on My Wish List This Year:

1. Creative is a Verb (book)

I have to admit that I’m not a quick reader, and I tend to read part of a book, set it down, and then come back again later (weeks or months later).  So, honestly, even though I really love the book Life is a Verb, I still haven’t finished it yet.  I can’t wait to have the chance to read this one by Patti Digh as well.  (Even if it means that I pick it up, read it, set it somewhere for a while, read it again some more, and so on.)

This is probably a perfect book for the kind of person that might like the typography print that I made that reads “I May Draw Stick Figures But I Have the Soul of an Artist.”

2. “Do All Things With Love” TTV Print by Vol25


So many of these prints are just too sweet.  I really like this one best.  If you think of ordering though, don’t hesitate!  It appears that Vol25’s Etsy shop is going to be closed from December 1st –  15th!

3. Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

I hate to floss.  I really, really hate it.  Admittedly, I’m not a successful flosser either, which is probably part of the issue.  How in the world I managed to earn two college degrees but can’t figure out the logistics of how to floss my back teeth is beyond me.

So, I would love this Waterpik.  We had one when I was a kid, and I loved using it.

4. Art at the Speed of Life (book)

The problem with this one is that it isn’t going to be released by Christmas.  It isn’t coming out until February.  But, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t print out a picture/description of it and then have it shipped directly to your favorite artsy friend.  It could definitely brighten a gloomy and cold February afternoon.

5.iPad Dock with Keyboard

If someone on your gift list has an iPad or is getting one for Christmas, they just might love this iPad dock/keyboard combo (I know I would).  I got an iPad for Christmas and my birthday, even though I’ve had it for a couple of months now.

6. King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking: Delicious Recipes Using Nutritious Whole Grains (book)

I have a lot of cookbooks, but this one has such great reviews and looks so tasty – I just can’t help myself!  This would be a great gift for someone who is trying to eat healthier and/or cook more from scratch.

7. Lindsay Brin’s Shed 5 Fast (DVD)

Now, of course, you have to know someone pretty well to give them a DVD like this as a gift.  But, I assure you that it’s something that I would be happy to receive.  You probably know someone well enough to know somebody who would love it too.  (It has great reviews, so I hope to try it sometime.)

8. NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

As Christmas draws near, my heart fills with the joy and anticipation of the season.  However, I also get a little blue because I have a hard time with it getting dark so early.  I have had one of these lamps on my wish list for a while.

9. Sewing with Felt (book)

This would be a great gift for the Mom who loves to hang out with her kids and work on crafts.  We borrowed this from the library once and never got around to trying any projects because my kids were a little young then.  Now, however, they are a perfect age and I would love to work on some of these things with them.

10. Framed Polish Madonna Art Print with Prayer

I have long loved this piece, because it reminds me that although Mary was perfect, and I certainly am not, she was also a Mom, just like me.

What’s on your wish list that you hope is waiting under the tree for you this year?

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    • Angie says

      @Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect,

      I have to be honest, Mary, I had to try really hard to not list only books. My wish list is probably about 85% books.

      Now, if I would just sit down and take more time to read, I could probably justify ordering more of those books. LOL

  1. says

    The Shred 5 Fast looks good!

    I honestly can’t think of anything. Isn’t that silly! My birthday is the 13th and my daughter keeps asking me, but I really don’t need anything.