10 Things I'm Totally Loving Right Now

I think this is possibly the latest that I have posted a Top Ten {Tuesday}.  Sorry for those who have come by looking for it.  I’m still on recouping mode from my five day trip to Savvy Blogging Summit.  While others were talking about their take away goals and already working on them as the new week began, my one goal was visiting with my family and sleeping.

My voice is finally coming back from the combination of too much talking at the conference and flying on an airplane (which does that to me), and I just might be getting some energy back too!

This week’s list is inspired by the elevator doors at the W Hotel in Atlanta where Savvy Blogging Summit was held.  I almost didn’t notice it was a top ten list, but that smartie Amanda asked if I noticed and I had to snap a picture.

Things I Love Right Now


1. My Readers

Look – I’m a total thief and just basically took that from the elevator.  But, really, I love all my dedicated readers who have invested time into what I have to say.  I know there are millions of blogs out there, so it means a lot to me that you choose to make mine one that you read.

2. My Friends

After spending almost a week with my friends at Savvy Blogging Summit, it was a no brainer to add them to the list.  I have noticed more and more that I drop calling them “online friends” even when talking to people locally.  It seems to denote them as a second tier of friends.  That’s just absolutely not the case.  Some of my favorite moments at the conference were spent in late night brainstorming (and laughing…and sometimes crying) sessions in my room with Dana, Lauren, Kris, Lacy (and Annabelle, my new little buddy), Jamie, and Tricia.  (I was very blessed to get to share a room with Dana and Lauren.)

Of course, now that I’m at home, I can’t quit accidentally saying “y’all.”  That’s what happens when I hang out with them.

3. My Family

Not that I don’t normally love my family, but after so many days away, I actually broke down crying as I was about five minutes from my house because I was so excited to see them again.  As I pulled in the garage, they all ran outside.  At least a couple of them were holding out their arms waiting to have me in them, even while I was still parking.

You know what?  We may not have all the things we want, but it was moments like that that put life into perspective.  We may not have the fanciest things, but we’re blessed to have each other.

Okay…so I’m going to get a little less philosophical here, and share some other things that are some of my favorites right now.

4. The Ticket to Ride App

Love. this. game.

My family got to where they were sick of playing it with me, so I bought the Ticket to Ride app for my iPad (they apparently also have a pocket version for the iPhone).  Love it!  Not only does it give me something to do while I’m drying my hair (and while I should be working other times), but it also helped keep my mind occupied during my plane trip home.

If you like the game Ticket to Ride, get the Ticket to Ride app if you have a device it will work on.

5. McDonald’s Dr. Pepper (and their straws!)

Does McDonald’s add something to their drinks to make them more addictive?  Aren’t they better than just about any other fast food place?  Plus – love the straws.

I have gotten into a habit of getting these in the last month or so, but quite frankly – it needs to end.  I’m not the kind of girl that needs the extra 310 calories a day in liquid form.  So, I may have to save it for a special occasion.

6. Helpful People

Savvy Blogging Summit is always a conference full of questions.  Here’s what I love about it though – it’s always a conference filled with answers too.  From the smallest bloggers to the largest bloggers, I feel like everyone walks away knowing at least a little more (and sometimes a lot more) than they arrived knowing.  It’s all because everyone seems so quick to help and share with others.  Love that!

7. The Ability to Drive to the Next Savvy Blogging Summit

If you have read for a while or know me, you probably know that I hate to fly.  I was thrilled when they announced that next year’s Savvy Blogging Summit is: (1) Not on any of my kids’ birthdays (like these last two have been) and (2) Within driving distance of my house!  I’m already excited to know that I can make plans for a very reasonable road trip to Cincinnati next June!

8. My Ideas to Get Myself More Organized

I have ideas, kids.  They have not been ideas I have fully executed yet, but they are on their way.  Might I actually get my time more organized?  I’m certainly hoping so.

(It involves a three ringed binder, though I kept wanting spiral binding, but three ring binding is going to work better.  It also involves the ability to check off lots of boxes, because that’s how I roll.  I love to check off boxes.)

9. What I Plan to do at Catholic Mothers Online

I got to the point where I thought about shutting that site down or selling it.  Not that I thought anything was wrong with it, but I think that I felt like I wasn’t doing what needed to be done.  I felt like there was more I should be doing, but just didn’t know what.  I had some ideas this weekend (and, really – I hope to have more sometime), and I’m really excited.

Thanks to people that reminded me that Catholic Mothers Online was a site that was near and dear to many hearts.  (In particular, thanks to Lacy, Dianna, and Colleen.  The three of you, at different times, reminded me that it was more than just a site.  It had been a mission and it didn’t need to end just because there was no sense in continuing a blog roll.)

(If anyone has thoughts on what they’d like to see over there though, please let me know.  I’m definitely at a point that I’m very open to ideas.)

10. Music

I love music.  I have loved music since I was a kid.  Before I could read, my Mom would put a sticker on my favorite side of those 45 single records so I knew which side to put into the record player.

It keeps me fueled and working.  It keeps me smiling and whimsical as I take road trips.  And, there’s something deeply settling to me as I drive along at night and a song like “Under the Milky Way” comes on when I’m alone driving.

What are some of the things that you’re loving right now?

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  1. says

    Could you convince Allume to stop having it on my kid’s birthday? Hehe. I hate that I keep not going, because my parents live in Hershey! But I can’t miss baby girl’s birthday … yet.

    • says

      I’ve been out of town on one boy’s birthday twice (once to help my Grandparents when one was having surgery and once for Savvy Blogging Summit) and this was the first time I missed another one’s birthday. If I missed the other kiddo’s birthday ever, it would actually mean missing a kid’s birthday and my husband’s birthday. LOL But, I figure that they’ve collectively had 32 birthdays and I’ve only been gone on three of them, so I’ve got a pretty good average. ;)

      I did call Molly several times on her birthday, even though the schedule was super busy, just to keep telling her happy birthday. She thought that was pretty funny.

  2. says

    I hate flying too!! I have never been to a blogger conference, but I have been to several Bible conferences and those late nights with ladies are such wonderful memories!!

  3. says

    I totally agree with McDonald’s drinks, although it’s Coke for me. I could drive through every day, but I try to save it for less than once a week. I definitely don’t need those calories either. Thanks for hosting a terrific link-up!

    • says

      Agreed – nothing wrong with saying y’all. It’s just as a northern-ish Indiana gal who was born in Wisconsin, it just doesn’t fit quite right.

      Eric said I was dropping “y’all bombs.”

  4. says

    Now I knew there had to be other reasons why I just love you. And Dr. Pepper says it! Love the top ten list from the hotel! And thanks for the fun, late night brainstorming sessions. Memories made, y’all!

    • says

      Mmmm…Dr. Pepper. Such lovely tastiness. Glad we can be Pepper friends. ;)

      Thanks for coming to my room those nights. It was so much fun to get to spend more time with everyone.

  5. says

    I love Catholic Mothers Online. I hope you keep it going and let it evolve. Sometimes I find that I just have to be open to what God is wanting for something- but it’s on his time and not mine. I have a Eucharistic blog that is based on talks from 6 years ago that I gave to military catholic women while overseas. So far I am still waiting to see how God will use it. I guess I just want to encourage you while you pray about the direction to go- that it may take time but God will show you the direction to go in. This year is The Year of Faith- how about highlighting, by guest bloggers- those from the blog roll, sharing their stories of faith? What about topics of Catholic doctrinal instruction? I know us moms may not be considered experts, but why not? After all God entrusts us with the instruction of our children, so I think He’s also OK with us instructing one another. I’ll keep you in prayer about it. Thanks for hosting here.

  6. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says

    It sounds like I missed an incredible time – I’m glad y’all enjoyed it – I’ll be going to Real Refreshment in Atlanta – TTD – and BeechRt – hope to meet you sometime!

  7. Dianna says

    I’m so glad you were up for a late night twitter chat. :)

    I love CMO … just let me know how I can help.

  8. says

    I was worried about you!

    I do enjoy Catholic Mother’s Online.

    you know–I had a whole thought process going on and now it is gone . . . so I’m just submitting.