10 Things I Would Love to do in 2013

10 Things I'd love to do in 2013

I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  What’s the point, right?  I get all crazy ambitious at the end of December, make some sweeping declarations about the pathways that will get me to a better life, and then am done with them by January 3rd.

I thought that I would, however, share a list of ten things that I would really love to do in 2013.  I guess they are resolutions, but let’s not call them that.  Let’s call them goals.  Let’s also know full well that some of them are just not going to happen.  But, I can try anyway.

10 Things I Would Love to do in 2013

1. Lose 20 Pounds. What would a resolution list, er, I mean goal list, be without a weight loss mention on it?  I thought it would be best to just get it out of the way from the beginning.

Now, do I need to lose more than 20 pounds?  Yes, I do.  Would I be happy to lose 20 pounds though?  Yes.

2. Learn to play a song on the guitar.  This is my guitar.  I can only currently play a couple of lines each from Ode to Joy, Skip to My Lou, Bobby Shaftoe, and Go Tell Aunt Rhody, as well as a chord or two.  That makes my guitar sad.  It wants me to play a whole song.  (Incidentally, it also probably wishes I wouldn’t complain about my fingers hurting after I practice.  It probably thinks that it doesn’t mean to hurt my fingers, and it’s just like I’m rubbing it in when I complain.)

Confession: Despite my total lack of guitar ability, I kind of have my eye on things like this or this too.  Guess I have a thing for strings.

3. Make a pie from scratch.  I’ve only made pies twice, and both times were kind of ugly (and involved store bought pie crust).  I’m not lying about this domestically challenged thing.  For some reason, making a pie from scratch has just been one of those things that I would like to do.  (Honestly, I think part of it was because of the movie Waitress and all of the amazing pies in it.)

4. Do one of the rugged trails at the state park that we camp at.  This year, we are planning what has become an annual tradition (it will be the third year) of going to a particular state park in the fall and staying in one of the rustic family cabins.  The first year we went, we did quite a bit of walking, but didn’t actually do any of the trails.

Last year, we did 2 1/2 of the trails and really enjoyed it.  (The half trail was because it made more sense to do half a trail to get to the trail that we wanted to take rather than to drive there.)  None of the trails that we’ve done have been the trails marked as “rugged.”  While I am game to try this one, I am concerned about taking the kids along without knowing exactly why it’s classified as rugged.

5. Pay off Noah’s braces.  We should have Noah’s braces paid off in early 2014, but I would love to see if I can manage to get them paid off by the end of 2013 (if not by the middle of 2013, which would actually really be my goal).

6. Take a family trip to somewhere we haven’t gone before.  I’m not sure whether this will be a day trip or a full on trip trip (although nothing extravagant).  But, I would really love to go somewhere that we haven’t been before.  Or, at the very least, that the kids and at least one of the adults hasn’t been before.

7. Give up soda.  This would suck.  Believe me, I would hate it.  But, I think it would be good.  This is not to say that I would give up caffeine though.  Me and caffeine, we go way back.  We’re good buddies.  I would say that maybe I should just say cut back on soda, but I think this is one of those relationships that has to be all or nothing.

Confession: This is the one that I think is the least likely to happen. 

8. Read one classic book that I should have finished in high school but never did.  Yeah, I was kind of bad like that (and I’ve mentioned it before).  The irony is not lost on me that I was in honors English for four years and then took some of the advanced English classes in college.

It would be nice to actually read one of the books that I skimmed and/or skipped over large parts and read mostly the beginning and end instead.  I will give myself permission, however, to pick a classic that I didn’t have to read in high school but that was along the same line of books that I got assigned in high school.

9. Make my own pasta.  Yep, just another one of those things that sounds like it would be a great experience for this domestically challenged girl.

10. Create at least five new paintings.  This blogging thing takes up a lot of my time that I’m not spending sleeping, making meals, homeschooling, and other necessities.  So, as much as I love creating new paintings, I just don’t spend much time on it at all.  Since I sold most of my original paintings at all the craft shows I did last fall, it would be good to have some new ones.

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      Thanks, Tricia, for the compliment on the list. :) I purposefully tried to make it so that they were actually attainable goals if I would just work on them. Some of them still aren’t going to happen though. ;)

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    I have some recipes for you that will help you reach two of your goals – pie crust – so easy you will never use store bought again, and egg noodles – not quite spaghetti, but…

    Here is a link to the homemade egg noodles http://phyllis-sather.com/?p=2700
    And the recipe for the pie crust:

    Pat-In-Pan Pie Crust
    Makes pastry for a single-crust 8 or 9 inch pie.
    1 1/2 cups plus 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
    1 1/2 teaspoons sugar
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/2 cup vegetable oil – I use Canola
    3 tablespoons cold milk

    Place the flour, sugar and salt in the pie pan and mix with your fingers until blended. In a measuring cup, combine the oil and milk and beat with a fork until creamy. Pour all at once over the flour mixture. Mix with a fork until the flour mixture is completely moistened. Pat the dough with your fingers, first up the sides of the plate, then across the bottom . Flute the edges.

    Shell is now ready to be filled. If you are preparing a shell to fill later, or your recipe requires a prebaked crust, preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Prick the surface of the pastry with a fork and bake 15 minutes, checking often, and pricking more if needed.

    From Cooking From Quilt Country by Marcia Adams

    This pie shell is so tender and flaky that we sometimes just press it out flat on a cookie sheet and sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon before baking. Then cut it into small strips for a wonderful cinnamon and sugar treat – melts in your mouth.

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    When I gave up soda (during pregnancy) I switched to sweet tea (of course I’m from the south), and after my daughter was born, I wasn’t really interested in going back. For me the hard thing was to switch from sweet tea to unsweet, but it has been almost 2 years and I did it! Also, my homemade pie crusts are ugly, but it doesn’t matter as long as they taste delicious! OH! And I just finished reading “The Great Gatsby,” which I should have read in high school, but did not. :-) Good luck getting things checked off this year – you can do it!

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    I’m with you on number one. =) But you know, 20 pounds in a year, that’s like.. half a pound a week. That’s TOTALLY doable. And totally surpassable too. =)

    Giving up soda is HARD. That is all.
    Okay, that’s not all. I’m doing “no added sugar” this week, and last week, and I’ve only given myself ONE concession. My morning cup of coffee or tea. It’s not the same, but a hot spiced chai latte does make up for no soda at least a teensy little bit.=)

    Oh the books. I just finished reading The Scarlet Letter. I was SURE I’d read it in high school. I *am* sure we were assigned to read it and I SHOULD have. But after two chapters, nothing seemed familiar and it was immediately clear *I never finished reading this one.* Oops! But hey, I have now. =)

    Making pasta would be fun. =)