10 Things I Loved about Petticoat Junction Retreat Center in Normandy, TN

This past weekend, I was blessed to be able to travel to an hour south of Nashville to the Petticoat Junction Retreat Center to meet up with blogging friends to visit, brainstorm, help each other, work, and to hear a speaker we brought in.  Fun, right?  It was!

Hopefully soon I’ll share some of my takeaways from the weekend, but first, I want to share about the beautiful house that we stayed in throughout the weekend.

Petticoat Junction Retreat Center

source: Petticoat Junction Retreat Center

1. The retreat center is an old house.  I just love old houses!  I love the character and features that you don’t see in newer homes.

2. The space is perfect for groups.  It was fun that there is enough space in multiple places around the house to gather in groups, not just in the scrapbooking room.  We spent time throughout the house, including in the scrapbooking room, the living room, the sun porch, and the dining room.

3. That sun porch!  Speaking of the sun porch, it was just lovely.  I’m a sucker for a porch swing, so I loved that especially.  The sun porch was large, even being big enough for all of us to be out there at the same time.

4. The catered meals were delicious.  They were brought in by a lovely woman name Glenda and her husband, who is a deacon at their church.  The food was amazing, and even better – we didn’t have to clean our own dishes!

5. It’s in a small town, which is nice, but there is also a town nearby that has most things you would really need, like a Kroger, Walmart, and many restaurants.

6. The nearby train tracks.  Okay, I’m fully aware that some people in the house weren’t crazy about trains coming by several times a day (and night), but I actually enjoyed it, even when it sometimes woke me up.  There are also ear plugs for those that might be more sensitive to it.

7. Such a reasonable price for the weekend!  The prices are currently just $200 for Friday through Sunday including meals (or $150 without meals).  Many of us added on an extra night (without food) for just $30.

8. There’s Internet!  For a tiny town in the middle of the country in Tennessee, it was nice to have Internet that could handle 13 people online at a time.  Was it as fast at my Internet at home?  Well, no, of course not.  But, was it fast for where we were and how many people were using it?  Yes.

9. The owner, Bonnie, is very attentive.  While we never actually met Bonnie, as the weekend is not a hosted weekend, she was always just a quick text message or call away.  When we ran into what seemed like it could be a big issue, she didn’t flinch and got right on it.  It was solved in no time, and we were so impressed.

10. It was a perfect place to refresh and have fun.  Doesn’t everyone need that from time to time?

Have you ever been to an overnight retreat center or crafting/scrapbooking bed and breakfast?

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    I’m seriously contemplating making that Baked French Toast — yum diddly yum! I also loved the juice mix — I brought an extra jug home with us on Sunday. I really enjoyed myself, despite having to chase an active baby!