10 Things I Love About Winter

Winter is fast approaching, so I thought I would take on the challenge of writing up ten things I love about it.  This is not as easy as my list that I think I’ve written two or even three times before – what I love about fall.  I feel like it’s easy to love fall, and a little harder to love winter.


Ten Things I Love About Winter

1. The wonder of a first snow fall.  I’m not even as much talking about those first flurries that happen when the weather is still too warm for it to stick.  I’m talking about that first small accumulation.  Of course, as the winter drones on, it can be harder to love snow falls.  But, that first one – there is an excitement that it brings with it.

2. Christmas.  Seriously – what would winter be without having Christmas in its corner?  Christmas is the crown jewel of winter, as far as I’m concerned.  (It’s too bad that it comes so early in the winter.)

3. Christmas lights.  I am not typically too crazy about tons of Christmas decorations.  They’re fine, just not really my thing.  But, Christmas lights are one of my loves about the season.  I love seeing lights as we drive around town, as well as on our own house.  (We actually just added white lights in our backyard this fall, just so we could enjoy them year round.  We did this just before Molly’s birthday party, and it was one of the hits of the night.)

4. Cardigans.  While I, admittedly, wear cardigans all year round, it’s fun to wear some longer, chunkier sweaters too.  Plus, it’s easier to wear lots of cardigans when it’s not 95 degrees outside.

5. Candy Cane Hershey’s Kisses.  These things are like crack.  Eric and I call them crack candy when we we’re talking amongst ourselves.  I get excited to see them in the stores each year, but then I’m glad when they are off the shelves after Christmas as well.

6. My birthday.  I can’t help it – I still love having my birthday.  I’m not one of those people that dreads getting a year older.  I’m happy for it each time.

7. Cozy nights at home.  Winter tends to mean that we spend a little more time indoors, especially in the evenings.  It’s nice when life slows down a bit and cozies up a bit too.

8. Hot drinks.  Not that a person can’t drink hot chocolate or a chai tea latte during the summer, but it really warms you up and satisfies you in a different way during the winter.

9. Snowball fights.  We don’t do this often, but it always brings about lots of giggles (from adults and children alike).

10. The promise of a brand new year.  New Year’s Eve moving into New Year’s Day offers up the hope of a new start.  A fresh new year to for brand new experiences and changes.

What are some of your favorite things about winter?

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Angie Kauffman
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    My friend introduced me to mint m@m’s last year and now I am hooked, so that would be one thing. 2. Our towns light display through the city park 3. Anything peppermint and chocolate 4. Our night away (its what my husband and I give each other as a gift) 5. Christmas shopping (I do it fairly early so I can not be swamped by crowds and can just relax and enjoy it).

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    I admit I am not a fan of winter. At least you guys have the whole Christmas and snowmen thing going on and even New Years to break it up but for us around the other side of the world, it is wet, bleak and muddy and boring. Especially being on a mini farm … I am so glad when it’s over! Most of us don’t even see snow, so it’s just yuk!

    • says

      I never even thought about that. There are really no exciting holidays during those months, are there? Well, of course, we have Independence Day here in July, but that doesn’t really help you, huh? LOL 😉

      So, gearing up for summer? Are you having hot temperatures yet?

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    We’re in Florida, so thankfully we don’t have to shovel snow, but sometimes there is a bit of a chill in the air! And we do have Chick-Fil-A’s peppermint chocolate chip shake! Thanks for the great post and for hosting, & God bless!