10 Things I Love About Pinterest

I have shared my love for Pinterest before.  I can’t help it — it is just the coolest site!  As I was drying my hair tonight, I started writing down some things that I love about Pinterest.  It wasn’t even a struggle to come up with a top ten list.


1. I love the visual format. Of course, the downside is that you can’t pin something (that’s like saving it, for you non-Pinterest people out there).  But, then would defeat the purpose anyway.  It’s so much fun to look through!

2. I can find things that I never would have found otherwise. Because you follow people (or individual boards), you get to see what they pin.  I have found so many great ideas that I never would have seen because of Pinterest.

3. It’s a great place to find inspiration! I have a collection of quotes and inspirational words that are partially just for me to enjoy and partially to have a resource for future painting ideas.

4. Pinterest helped me to see a pattern in what types of clothes I really liked. I never seemed to shop for those kinds of clothes before, but being able to compile my “Clothes I’d Love to Wear Someday” board has helped me to say, “Hey — I finally realize what kind of clothes I like.”  I know, that just sounds silly, but I’m sure some of you out there might understand.

5. You can sign in with Twitter or Facebook. I just love that it’s not one more username and password to remember!

6. Oh my.  The food. I have been making sure to pin healthier things, but all of the sweet, yummy things are just so darn inviting.

7. Being on Pinterest makes me laugh. One of my favorite boards of mine is called “Randomness.” Eric and I were reading through items on there earlier today and just laughing and laughing. (Not everything in my Randomness board is funny, but there are plenty of gems!)

8. I’m a big believer in helping to promote other bloggers. It is really something that brings me a lot of joy to be able to do.  So, Pinterest fits perfectly into this love, as I am able to pin things from blogs that I have enjoyed.  (It’s a great idea to write something like via reallifeathome.com, or whatever the website is, in the description box when pinning something.

9. I get a chance to get to know my friends in a whole new way. Seeing what things your friends want to pin is so much fun!

10. It’s easy to use! When I first heard of Pinterest (at the end of April), I thought, “I don’t want one more site to have to learn and visit.”  It was simple to figure out.  I love that!

You have to be invited to join Pinterest, although you can request an invite on their site.  (I have heard that some people have had to wait a long time to receive one through the site.)  If you want an invitation, feel free to just drop me a note in the comments.  Of course, feel free to comment even if you don’t want an invite too!

Let me know if you’re on Pinterest – I love finding new people to follow!

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Angie Kauffman
Angie, a domestically challenged nerd and mom of three very fun kids, is the founder of Real Life at Home.  Angie also listens to music every chance she gets, writes eBookspodcastsloves Pinterestdocuments the little moments in life on Instagram, and occasionally sleeps.


  1. says

    I requested an invite and got one within a few days so the wait – at least for me – wasn’t too bad.

    I just started and don’t have many boards or things pinned but I haven’t played with it much either. I’m excited to try it after reading this.

    I am following your boards now.

  2. says

    You just wrote the post I’ve been hoping someone would write! I’ve been hearing a lot about Pintrest but don’t completely get it; but, reading your post makes it sound fun. :)

    I’d love an invite if you still have any available.

  3. Angela says

    I would like an invite. I’ve never heard of this site, but I’ll take a look at it. Thanks!

  4. says

    I missed your first post on Pinterest somehow (or maybe ignored it, because I, like you, didn’t want just “one more thing” to include on my sites to visit everyday) but anyway, I LOVE it – of course, all of the reasons that you listed, but here are two more:
    1. I (rarely) bookmark anymore – I ‘pin’ it, because then I get to see a picture – so much better for my life! :) and
    2: I can access pinterest on ANY computer – I used to bookmark things and then try to decide which computer I bookmarked it on – no more! :)

  5. says

    I love it too! I do need to find more places to pin from though–I feel like I am spending more time repinning than finding my own inspiration.

    • Angie says

      I think spending time repinning is fine. :) You’re finding inspiration, just someone else is hunting it down for you.

  6. says

    Should I also mention that I’ve found a wealth of new blogs to follow using Pinterest? So many that I don’t have the time to look at them all. :)

    What I found helpful was going through my bookmarks and pinning from them to get them out of my bookmarks. My bookmarks were so messy. BTW you can access your bookmarks if you use xmarks and download it onto whatever computer you are using. The bookmarks are then saved to a server and not just that one computer (much like pinning to Pinterest)

    I’m a fan of pinning other peoples pins. I meet so many new people that way.

  7. Kathy says

    I have a feeling I am going to regret this… but will you please send me an invite. I requested one a while back and I guess the site got incredibly popular because I never heard back. Id really like to have a place to save all of my ‘inspiration’ that I find all over the internet instead of taking screenshots on my phone or creating my 5000th bookmarked page that I will most likely never look back on.
    Found your blog while doing a google search about pinterest so I will have to take a look around.
    Thanks so much:)

  8. claire says

    hey there, great blog! i have tried requesting an invite and have been waiting FOREVER. I would love love love an invite, i know i will become addicted VERY quickly. lots of love from the uk. C x

    • Angie says

      Claire –

      I think I sent you one, but now I can’t remember. Let me know if you didn’t get one.

  9. Miranda says

    Would you please send me an invite…I’ve been waiting for one thru the site. I want to start pinning recipes!

  10. Rebecca says

    Would love an invite! I have been waiting to hear back from pinterest for awhile now. Thank you for this post. I have been looking at Pinterest a lot lately and have wondered how it all works!

  11. Arden says

    I’d really appreciate an invite too, if you har any left! It’s only been a week or two since I requested one, but I can’t wait to start pinning! Thanks for this blog post– it made me even more excited to get on Pinterest!

  12. Lee says

    I asked to be invited through the website and haven’t heard back yet. I would love it if you would invite me!! Thanks, love your blog:)

  13. Suzanne Penziner says

    I would love and appreciate and invite to pinterest! Can’t wait to start pinning. Love your website by the way…

    Thank you again,

  14. Renee says

    I would absolutely LOVE an invite to pintrest. I really want to get new ideas for fun cupcakes AND of course clothes! :) by the way Joy @ Five J’s Design is amazing!!! Your blog is beautiful.

  15. Sherry C. says

    I would love an invite to pinterest. Thanks for the write it… I’m so excited.

  16. Cheree says

    If you have any invites left, I’d love one! I’m so excited to get started on pinning, but the site’s invite is taking forever! 😛

  17. Stephanie says

    I requested an invite a week ago and am still waiting! I already have an unhealthy addiction to pinterest and can’t wait to start pinning! If you have time will you send me an invite so I don’t have to wait any longer?! :) Thank you!!


  18. Amber says

    I have been DYING to get an invite! I teach Kindergarten & know everyones ideas and creativity can make me an even better teacher =)

  19. Chelsea B says

    I would love an invitation! I’ve been wanting to get started for a while and it looks so amazing!

  20. Rachel P says

    I have been waiting what seems like MONTHS so I would love an invite if you have any left… Thanks!!!!

  21. Kami Biedenstein says

    I would love to follow you. I am looking for MOPS crafts and Pinterst would be perfect. If you have a minute could you send me an invite? Thanks so much!

  22. Cameron says

    Hi! Man you’re making pinterest sound even more fun than I already knew it was… but, alas, I’m still awaiting the “invitation”- I feel like it’s prom season all over again. If you have any available invitations, I would be ever-so-grateful for one!

  23. says

    I would also LOVE an invite! I have been hearing so much about it and would love to be a part of it. Thanks so much!

  24. Annie Seaton says

    I haven’t gotten an invite, requested twice :( Could you send me an invite? Would LOVE it! Thanks, Annie

  25. says

    My pinterest invite went to my Spam folder. Just a thought, if you have been waiting a while. Just found your blog and I’m enjoying it!

  26. says

    I am just now discovering the joy of Pinterest. What fun! Thanks for your Top Ten of Pinterest. My pinterest username is favourgirls- I hope to see you on Pinterest. Happy Pinning!!

  27. Erica says

    I love browsing what I am able to right now on pinterest but still waiting for invite if you are able to would you pls send me one? Thanks in advance!

  28. Emily says

    I just discovered Pinterest last night and I am in love! Would love an invite! And now I’ve discovered yours too so I am double lucky! :)

  29. krysta says

    hi, i was wondering if you could send me an invite so that i dont have to wait for the site to respond to my request. i know that you posted this a while ago.. hopefully you catch this! thanks!

  30. Melissa says

    Anyway I could get an invite? I have been waiting forever for an answer to my request through the Pinterest site. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to have my own randomness to laugh at!

  31. Jill says

    Would love to get an invite to pinterest if you get a chance… I have been patiently waiting for an invite from the site but haven’t yet received one… I want in :)

  32. Stephanie Pesceone says

    I would LOVE an invite to pinterest so I can get started with the fun. Thanks soooo much!

  33. Laura Miller says

    I have been waiting for weeks to get an invitation to Pinterest….would you please send me an invitation to me. Thank you so much!

  34. Britt says

    I would greatly enjoy an invite if you are still in the sharing mood! I requested one but am excited to get going with a reception to plan.

  35. Angela says

    I have just found Pinterest and LOVE it! I still need an invite, though. Would you please send me one? I love this site and would love to see what you pin!

  36. Claire says

    Hey it would be awesome if you could send me an invite I’ve been waiting for a long time now.

    Thanks! 😀

  37. Lidia says

    I hear you’re giving out Pinterest invites and lollipops and you’re all out of lollipops. I guess I’ll settle for the invite. Although I really had my heart set on a Tootsiepop.

  38. Keri Brace says

    Thank you so much for the insight! I deperately need some inspiration to make my livea bit more vibrant! I would love an invite if possible! You had me at the “Food”! Happy Holidays!

  39. Gillian P says

    If you could send me an invite to Pinterest, i would really appreciate it! Please and thank you! :)

  40. says

    Hey Angie,
    I just stumbled on your blog – great stuff!
    Are you still open to requests for Pinterest invitations? If you are, I’d love one please!
    So looking forward to pinning stuff!
    Thanks so much,

  41. says

    Like LaurenH, I am late getting into pinterest. I went on the site and requested an invite, but from your post I may be waiting a while. I would love an invite. Thank you!

  42. Beth says

    I agree Pinterest is great! If I’m not too late could you send me an invite? I would love to join.

  43. Noemi says

    I’ve been snooping around on pinterest for a while now and i love it! it seems as though the website couldn’t take any longer to send me an invite.. I would really appreciate it if you could send me one.


  44. Whitney Godwin says

    Just got hooked on pinterest but can’t view the whole site I would love an invite! Thank you!

  45. Monica Eilers says

    If your still giving out invites I would love one, just found out about the site this week. Thanks!!

  46. Emely says

    I would LOVE to have pinterest!!!! If the offer is still up can you please invite me??? Thanks =)

  47. Jenni Loveless says

    I would love an invite if your still up for it! I have requested one but I can not stand the wait, I guess I am not patient enough!
    Thanks so much!!!!

  48. Cindy Hamasu says

    Ditto here too . . . I would also love an invite if you wouldn’t mind. It looks so interesting.
    Thank you so much,

  49. Hannah Cubberley says

    How do you get your pin boards out there for people to follow them? Like i have good stuuff and i update alot but i never see my stuff on the main page…idk i was just wondering if you had any tips for getting followers who you arnt necessarily friends with in real life…thanks!

    • Angie says

      That’s a fabulous question, Hannah! I wish I had a great answer, but I don’t really. I have mentioned Pinterest here on my blog several times, as well as on a post that I wrote for a site that I contribute to. But, beyond that, I haven’t really done anything special to gain followers, though I have been blessed with quite a few. :)

      I also think that it helped that I’ve been on Pinterest since the end of April. It has grown a ton since I joined.

      Another great way to get more followers is to follow more people. For a while, I was following a few more people than were following me. But, now I have about twice as many followers as people that I’m following.

      Best of luck! :)

  50. renee minnis says

    If you’re still offering invites I would totally love one. Someone mentioned the write a couple days ago and honestly since checking it out.. I’m addicted!! lol love love Pinterest!

  51. Meg says

    If you are still inviting people – I would love an invite! I’ve been a “lurker” for some time now and I’ve signed up for an invite from them but nothing so far!
    Thanks so much.

  52. says

    Hey! I agree with everything you have said a bout pinterest!! I just recently asked to join but haven’t received an invitation. I would love if you could help me out!!! I would love to follow you. Thanks you!

  53. Jill says

    Can I have an invite also?? I think I am going to LOVE pinterest! I actually just heard of it a couple weeks ago. I keep checking it out and want to be apart of it so bad! I sent an invite request on the website, but I’m still waiting anxiously! Thanks a ton!


  54. says

    I just decided that I wanted to get on Pinterest b/c was like you, i thought it was just another site to have to learn but I do love crafts and love looking through the tumblr pics so I guess it would help feed my obsession for both of those and be helpful for my blog. I don’t really get the whole “invite” process (as I’ve read other places that people have waited weeks), so if you’d send me one, I’d love it! I’ll definitely follow you! Thanks for this list!

  55. Lindsay says

    I’ve fallen in love with two things: Pinterst and your recipe for Nutella hot chocolate!
    Would love it if you could send me an invite! I can imagine myself pouring over the Pinterest site while sipping on Nutella hot chocolate right now!

  56. Emily says

    Hello, I love pinterest as well but i can only look at stuff because i have been waiting for MONTHS to get an invite. Its very depressing how do you get invited i dont quite understand i have requested one but havent received anything since. Hope you can help!

    Thank you!

  57. Terri says

    I requested an invite from the site, but have heard so many good things about Pinterest that I cannot wait. If you are open to inviting me I would be very happy.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  58. Jessica says

    Sheesh I have been waiting forever! I would LOVE an invite if you are still willing and able. Then you can add another follower!

  59. Amy says

    Do you have any more invites? I’m dying to get on and have been waiting SO long! Plus, I’d like to follow you!

  60. Megan says

    Hi i was wondering if you could please please please send me an invite for Pinterest, i’ve been waiting forever! It would mean a great deal. Please and thank you!

  61. Vanessa says

    HI! I love your blog!
    thanks to this post i made my decision to want to join, i’ve heard alot about this but wasn’t sure about it and had a lot of questions, and thanks to you its all cleared up :))))) i was hoping you could send me an invite, if not its alright too :)
    thanks so much,

  62. Claire says

    I would love an invite to pinterest if you still have them. I googled how to get one and your site came up…I love it!

  63. Melissa Cordell says

    I would LOVE an invite~~~I have requested one through the page and have yet to hear anything, but I LOVE what I have found on what I am able to access. Thank you!!!

  64. Alexis says

    Hey! I would love an invite into the Pinterest world! I am starting to plan for a wedding, and I know that Pinterest would be a great way to get some inspiration!


  65. ronda says

    I would love an invite…been waiting for quite sometime from website…thank you so much for your blog and offer!!

  66. Coleen says

    I would love an invite if the offer still stands. My daughter will be so envious 😉 Thank you!

  67. Holly says

    Hi, I found this post and was wondering if you would give me an invite to printerest. Thanks you kindly for helping me out. Holly

  68. Alexis Doris says

    I would LOVE to start pinning! Would someone be kind enough to send me an invite? Thank you so much!

  69. Sharon Jones says

    if you are still being so kind, I would really like an invite to Pinterest. I’ve been waiting a while from the sight and sadly have not heard anything yet.
    Thank you!

  70. Kerri says

    I would love an invite to Pinterest if you could send me one, I’ve requested one thru the site and it’s taking forever… I can’t wait to start pinning! Thank you!

  71. Christie says

    Hi, Angie. I love your blog–very refreshing! I would very much appreciate your invitation to Pinterest. BTW, I too am a seller on etsy–your shop is very cool. Thank you and many blessings.

  72. Rose Burcher says

    I would love to join pintrest. I have requested an invite and so far nothing. I am a quilter, love to decorate and am an avid reader. Please, I would so much appreciate an invite.

  73. Kari says

    Hi I’ve been wanting to get into pininterest for a long time. Would you please invite me I will follow you right away.

  74. Monica says

    I would love to join pinterest.com :) I have heard many wonderful things about it and would be so grateful if you took time of your busy life to invite me.

  75. Jessica says

    Hey!! I would love an invite! It looks like such an awesome site and I would love to be apart of that!! :) thank you!