10 Things I Love About Fall

Autumn is a Second Spring
Fall is definitely my favorite season.
It’s not even a competition really.  I don’t have a close second favorite.  With all of the other seasons, there are definitely things that I like a lot, but things that I just don’t like so much.  Fall, however, I just love.

Although I could make a long list of things I love about Fall,  I’ll keep it to ten favorites:

1. Watching the changing colors of the leaves.  My favorite is our large maple tree in the backyard.

2. Crisp, but not overly cold, air outside.  (You know — where it’s appropriate to wear a sweater but no coat.)

3. All of the earthy colors that are part of this season – both in the environment and in the stores.

4. Several family birthdays, although my very favorite of those is Molly’s (who just turned six years old!).

5. Thanksgiving with my family.

6.  All of the fun fall festivals that there seem to be.  (After many years away from one of our favorites, my Mom and I are going to try to return this year.  Wish us luck!  Returning was one of her goals in her cardiac rehab classes.)

7. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin bread…pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.

8. Crisp nights with a bright moon and a sky full of stars.

9. The start of the new television season.  (We don’t regularly watch a ton of shows, but we always look forward to new episodes of some of our favorites.)

10. The knowledge that Advent and Christmas are just around the corner.

What are some of your favorite things about Fall?

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    What a fantastic quote. So true! I was noticing some select red leaves on an otherwise green tree today as I walked home from the gym. (Yes! Working out! Have lost 5 lbs in 3 months! Woo hoo! Go me!)

    I agree. Love fall. Yesterday I put on my pjs before 8 pm, got under the covers and READ a Dickens book for several HOURS! I kept thinking how delightful it was to be a tad cool but be under a nice comfy blanket. Ahhhh…..

    Like you, food ranks high. For me it’s chili (making some tomorrow), soup, and hot drinks like chai or spiced cider. Yum.

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    I could have written this list!! I love fall! I would add in my children’s soccer season, the desire to return to the kitchen and make yummy food for my family (I dislike summer cooking), blankets on the bed and couch for snuggling, apple season, and my wedding anniversary. We married in October because it is my favorite month of the year!!

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    I like your list! I also love that I can wear a sweatshirt and flip flops together on most days! And don’t forget raking leaves for the kids to jump in! Sigh . . . I love autumn too.

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    Fall is growing on me.

    We have our annual family celebration, Scottoberfest, for birthdays.

    College football and playoff baseball are happening.

    Weather is cool, but not cold.

    And I also love pumpkins.

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    Pretty much everything on your list even down to the birthdays!
    Don’t people seem to be a little more happy and cheerful around this time of year?

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    Wow, most of those would be on my list too! I would take off TV though and add the start of school. The excitement of the new year and the new stuff to learn, the new supplies and clothes (uniforms for us) –the “new” daily routine and news to tell at the dinner table, field trips to the pumpkin patch…by the time we hit winter most of the “new school year” excitement has worn off and it’s just another school day. But in Fall, it’s fun.