10 Things I Just Don’t Do

I wish that I was one of those Moms that wore pearls while she created elaborate meals in her pristine house.  She’s the kind of Mom that lovingly shakes her head and sighs when her children misbehave.  She’s the kind of Mom that has her act together.  I’m not that kind of Mom.

Eric told me one night during our last Disney trip, “You’re the best Mom.”

I said, “No, I’m not the best.  Sometimes, I really do go above and beyond.  But sometimes, I fail pretty miserably.”  I guess I’m just hoping that somewhere along the line, it evens out.

In all fairness, there are things that I do well as a Mom and a wife.  But, there are most definitely things I don’t do well or just don’t do at all.  Since I like to mix in some of my shortcomings here, just to keep it real, along with my more successful moments, I thought this week’s List it Tuesday was a perfect opportunity to share some of the things that I just don’t do at all or things that I kind of try to do, but don’t do well.

10 Things I Just Don't Do

10 Things I Just Don’t Do

I don’t sew.  I was inspired by so many blogs that showed cute sewing projects.  So inspired, in fact, that I bought a sewing machine and tried to take an online sewing class.  I did one project.  It was a pain.  I did a few more very simple projects on my own.  I did not enjoy it.  Not even a little.  The machine is now stuck away in a closet.

I am, however, happy that I learned a few simple hand sewing stitches.  That way, I can fix things like rips in clothing and stuffed animals, put back on buttons, and the like.

I’m not particularly crafty.  I’m not sure why some of my friends mention that I’m crafty.  I’m not.  Sure, I can do little projects.  I have always been a bigger fan of the finished project than the actual process of doing it.  I used to scrapbook and make homemade cards for many years, however.  So, I guess there’s that.  I have stopped scrapbooking, but I recently decided to try out Project Life as a way to get some trips and events documented.

I don’t sleep enough.  I know I would probably be much more delightful and productive if I slept more.  The time when everyone in the house is asleep is just so quiet though.  Staying up until all hours of the morning isn’t very June Cleaver behavior though, is it?

I don’t use my time wisely.  Oh sure, when I’m in a time crunch with a due date, I can be laser focused.  But, I often spend way too much time on time wasters.

I don’t cook complicated recipes.  It’s not that I’ve never made a complicated recipe.  But, I do tend to steer clear of them.  I wish that I loved to cook.  I really want to work on growing my cooking repertoire beyond just simple and easy recipes.  I need to stop using the excuse that I’m domestically challenged, though it’s true.

I don’t do all kinds of inspired, hands on homeschooling projects. My kids are getting older now, so they mostly do book work now.  But even when they were younger, we didn’t do all kinds of crafty, cool hands on stuff.  I thought that’s what I wanted, but it just never happened.

I don’t clean often enough.  We try to keep the house presentable, but it’s rarely spotless.  Okay, it’s never spotless.  It does get really clean sometimes, but that is usually before people come over.

In a weird twist, I love to organize.  I don’t want to do it often, but when I am in the mood to organize, I can do it for hours and hours at a time.

I don’t read fiction.  I don’t read non-fiction all that much either.  I don’t make time to read.  When I do, though, it’s usually non-fiction.  I thought I just preferred it, but I think it’s more likely because I can read it in small bursts.  When I read fiction, I usually get engrossed in a book and don’t want to put it down.  With a busy schedule, that’s hard.

The only fiction I tend to read are the books that I either read with the kids or the books that they read on their own for school that I also read, such as our most recent selections of The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer(affiliate links)

I don’t do canning.  I love the idea of canning food, but I have never done it.  I’ve thought about trying to learn how, but do you know why I haven’t?  My Mom says I’m not allowed to.  That cracks me up, so I had to put it on this list.  Now, I will add that one of my sisters does a lot of canning.  She wonders why our Mom doesn’t mind if she cans.  That made it even funnier to me.

I don’t successfully garden.  I garden, but it’s not pretty.  It’s what I call domestically challenged gardening.  I just kind of wing it.  I plant the starters at my allowed planting date and I basically just hope for the best.  It’s not the most successful way to garden.  But, we do get some produce throughout the summer, so it works.  Kind of, anyway.

So, what about you?  Make me feel better for my shortcomings.  What don’t you do?

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    I wouldn’t call those shortcomings. What you’ve listed are maybe things that others have a talent for but we are all given different talents by God. You have this wonderful website and you help inspire many people!
    I also used to want to be a “do it all” mom and I too, am careless with my time. Now (especially this Lent) I’ve change my focus to this: What are my vices, what are my virtues (as listed by the Catechism!) If we focus on putting our soul right with God, he will shine the way to be a successful wife & mother that is: a Saint! It’s the only thing that matters to Him. Give Him our heart in our daily tasks. If our children see we are working to conquer ourselves and grow in Holiness all the rest will be taken care of.

  2. says

    Oh man! I can definitely relate to so many points on your list. It drives me crazy when my house isn’t spotless, and it is never spotless. I’m trying to get a better system for it, but there never seems to be enough time during the day to get everything done that I want to accomplish. I also really want to learn how to can. Maybe once I start successfully gardening :)

    • says

      I’ve found that I’m in a much better mood when the house is really clean, but I still can’t manage to keep it clean.

      Hey, you know, you could always can things from the farmers market or something like that. So, you don’t have to wait for successful gardening. ;)

  3. says

    I don’t sew, I’m not particularly crafty, I typically don’t make complicated recipes, I don’t manage my time well, I don’t clean often enough, I don’t can, and I don’t garden. There may be reasons we get along. :)

    I’m the opposite of you. I don’t read non-fiction unless it’s very compelling, but I don’t have time to read much of anything anymore.

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    Ok… had to laugh about the canning thing! You could totally do it, just don’t tell mom! And she doesn’t care if I can, because we have all known for years that you are her favorite! Hehehe… you are under the bubble of “mom protection”. <3 you!

    • says

      I actually think it’s for one of three reasons: (1) I’m the only one that she can still tell not to do something and I’ll listen (LOL), (2) She intends to possibly live with me in her old age, and she’s just going for self-preservation, or (3) She trusts you more in the kitchen. ;)

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    I loved your list today. I also listed things that don’t make me look like that glorious, never does a thing go wrong at my house, kind of blogger. I have to agree with most of your list. I don’t sew, I am not crafty, and I don’t sleep nearly enough. I agree that after everyone has gone to bed is the only time in the day that is quiet and it is all mine. I waste more time on the computer looking at complicated recipes that I am never going to make. I keep my house in order but rarely deep-clean. So what! I love to read but anymore that only takes place at night when I should be sleeping….I don’t can, but then again, I have never wanted to. However I can be a successful gardener, if I could just figure out how to better manage my time.

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      Oh yeah, I totally look at complicated recipes and sometimes even print them out. “Sure, I’ll try to make this 28 step recipe where I don’t even know what three of the ingredients are.” Then, of course, I never make it.

      I liked your teenager post. I’m afraid that I’ve been guilty of doing the “whatever” to my husband before. I can tell by his face that as annoying as it is from a teenager, it’s even more annoying from a 37 year old. ;)

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    You’ll have to tell me how it goes with Project Life. I’m pretty sure I’d never, ever actually get the cards and photos into the binder, although I absolutely love seeing people’s Project Life Binders!

    I don’t cook fancy meals, or occasionally meals at all. I think I’m doing kinda well when I remember that a lunch is necessary. I joke with my husband that if the kids are fed, the laundry’s caught up, and the house is clean, there’s no chance that we did schoolwork!

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      “I joke with my husband that if the kids are fed, the laundry’s caught up, and the house is clean, there’s no chance that we did schoolwork!” — LOL! Amen to this!

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    Thank you! You have vindicated me. I don’t sew (although I do have a new sewing machine still in the box), iron, cook elaborate meals, bake unless it comes from a box, have an immaculately clean house (kind of hard with 10 kids), I think crafts are cute, but I usually don’t have patience for them, and if we’re not going anywhere, sometimes I don’t even get my kids and myself dressed. Feel better?

    • says

      LOL – now I don’t feel as bad about the sewing machine in the closet.

      Actually, after I wrote this post, my Mom asked to borrow my sewing machine. She said that since she knows it’s in my closet, she’d like to use it, since hers is having some issues. I took it to her house and said, “You know what? Just keep it.” ;)

  8. Mom says

    Kristin kind of snuck in the canning before I knew about it or I would have forbidden her as well! :-) But it is a little hard after the fact. I hear every danger about canning and believe it all! So I have also stayed away from it!

  9. says

    Loved this list, Angie! I totally relate, except that I am crafty, and I do sew. (Or, at least I used to sew when I actually had time.) :-)