10 Takeaways from the Talks at Savvy Blogging Summit 2012

10 takeaways from Savvy Blogging Summit

Two weeks ago, I was busily getting ready to jet off to Atlanta for Savvy Blogging Summit.  I had an amazing time with friends (both new and old), as well as learning from other people at places in dinners, walking to off site locations, and even in my hotel room at night.  I often feel like at conferences, I learn most from just talking to other bloggers.

However, that being said, here are some great takeaways from some of the talks at Savvy Blogging Summit this year:

1. Utilize Google Analytics site search feature.  You can actually track what people are searching for from within your site.  This can help to give you ideas of what people are looking for once they’re on your site.  (This can also be a source for writing topics!)

2. Set goals for your blog and business.  Specificity matters!  Be specific.  Specific goals.  Specific dates.

3. Experiment with Google Adsense placement.  See what spots, types, colors, etc. make you the most money and work best for your site.  Experiment, experiment, experiment.

4. You may think you’re a Wonder Woman or Superman.  Like you can do everything.  You’re human.  You’re not a super.  You have to say no to something before you can say yes to something else.

5.  Somebody will decide whether they trust you/your site or not in just a few seconds.  Make your site trustworthy by having a reliable domain and site design.  Give a good first impression in those first couple of seconds.

6.  Users follow content.  Google follows users.

7. Set office/working hours.  Try not to work outside of those times.  Likewise though, try to really have focused work during that time.

8. Use Amazon top lists to find out what people are interested in and make products (or posts) based on them.

9. You should include a relevant photo with every post.  Photos bring people in.  The best thing you can do with your photos is to use your own pictures.

10. People love great stories.  Mine through your life experiences for stories to share with your readers.  You can tell how you solved a problem or just tell a story to entertain people.

Next year’s Savvy Blogging Summit is set for June 20 – 22 in Cincinnati, which I’m extra excited about because I can drive there!  (Registration begins in January, so put it on your calendar.)

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Angie Kauffman
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  1. says

    This was a great little roundup, Thanks! We didn’t get to attend many of the sessions as we were presenting ourselves, so I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s little tidbits they picked up. Hope to see you next year in Cincy!

  2. says

    Thanks, Angie. I had to give up a ticket to Savvy Blogging this year because it conflicted with our family vacation. So, I’m glad to read some snippets from you, and they are all very helpful!

  3. Anna Brown says

    Great list! I love the part about telling stories. It inspired me to post a story about my boyfriend’s 5K race on crutches on my own blog. Next week I’ll try a Top 10 Tuesday link-up!


  4. says

    It takes alot of discipline to achieve what you’re proposing! You’ve basically detailed what success looks like in just about anything.

    I want to note the storytelling discipline in particular as it stands with blogging, which you ironically saved for the last spot on the list. This discipline requires a special gift. You can’t really go to school to learn storytelling. You do a remarkable job of it, but what seems easy to you is quite possibly the hardest thing master. Your blog posts flow like water and they keep the reader engaged. I don’t skim your posts, which is rare. I don’t think anybody else does either. Storytelling is much more a talent than a plan. I’d be delighted to read a post about your inspirations and what exactly allows you to create such memorable stories, but I have a feeling that this just comes naturally to you!

    In conclusion, thank you for sharing your gift! I look forward to new posts and think what you’re doing is great. God bless you.