10 Signs that You are (or were) Serious about Scrapbooking

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I don’t really scrapbook anymore, although I did just pick up a bunch of Project Life stuff to try to use them with all of our Disney World pictures.  (Thanks to seeing my friend Kim put together a fabulous album rather quickly with one of the kits.)  But, back in the day (before blogging), scrapbooking was my thing.

If you are currently a scrapbooker, or were into it in the past, you might recognize yourself in some (or all!) of the items on this week’s List it Tuesday.

10 Signs that You are (or were) Serious about Scrapbooking

1. You currently have, or have had in the past, enough patterned paper to, theoretically, wall paper a room.  Sure, it might have been a crazy looking room, but you could have done it, couldn’t you?

2. You have had conversations that have involved words like Sizzix, Xyron, Cricut, and Hermafix.

3. Speaking of those terms, when you read the sentence above, you knew to pronounce Cricut like the word cricket.

4. You know who Becky Higgins is, and have probably purchased a book or product with her name on it.

5.  If someone said they wanted to see “your scrapbook,” you wouldn’t know what to do because you have whole shelves full of completed books.

6. You have scrapbooked long enough that at some time in your scrapbooking life, you either had a local scrapbook store in your area or you’ve shopped at one that was within an hour of your home.  I’m not counting the scrapbooking areas of large craft stores, I’m talking about an honest to goodness scrapbooking store.

7.  Your scrapbooking supplies or tools have ever come in extremely handy for some other totally unrelated project, such as a school project or fixing something around your house.

8. You currently have a scrapbooking supply, such as paper or embellishments (not tools), that you purchased more than five years ago.  Since you still have it, I can only assume that you’re still sure that you’re going to use it some time.  Good luck with that.  Hey – give yourself some bonus points if you have some paper or embellishments that you purchased more than ten years ago, especially if you haven’t been able to get rid of it because you’re still sure you’ll need it for a layout some day.

9. You have ever had a subscription to a scrapbooking magazine.

10. You have attended a crop, gone on a scrapbooking weekend, or have been a member of a scrapbooking online community.

So, how did you do?  If you are or were a scrapbooker, did these ring true for you as well?

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    Oh my these are so true. I haven’t yet given up that i won’t one day get all those pictures scrapbooked. And I, too bought Becky Higgins for our Walt Disney trip It was almost 3 years ago and I have not placed a single picture. What happens to all those good intentions??