10 Shows that We've Been Watching Lately


I would love it if I could be all sophisticated and studious and say, “We don’t even own a television at our house.”  But, that’s just not the case.  Instead, we have two televisions that get watched regularly and liberally use the DVR that we resisted getting but then ended up with after getting a deal from our cable provider.  (It actually made our bill cheaper, so we couldn’t help ourselves.)

Here are some of the television shows that we have been enjoying lately

1. The Big Bang Theory – We’re nerds, and they are our people.  This is also the only series that we actually pre-order the DVDs of each season when they release a new one.

2. Elementary – Eric and I are just loving this new show!  We were pretty much hooked after the very first episode.  I love that it is both smart and surprising.  I like shows when I can’t figure out what the outcome is going to be right away.

3. Revenge – Eric hasn’t been watching this one, but I have since it started.  Sometimes I want to say, “Just forgive everyone and go live a happy life already!”  But, that wouldn’t be much of a show, would it?  I think that I like this show for one of the same reasons as Elementary.  It’s just fun not to have any idea what’s going to happen.

4. Duck Dynasty – Okay, so you always know what’s going to happen on this one.  Si is going to do something really crazy while drinking sweet tea and Jase will probably do something to annoy Willie.  This is a show our entire family loves.  It’s funny, always has a good message of faith and family being most important, and is just silly.

5. Two Broke Girls – This one is totally not family friendly, but Eric and I can’t help ourselves, it’s just too funny.  It’s often got unexpected twists that make us laugh, and we can’t help but be hopeful for Max and Caroline to finally get their cupcake business off the ground.  (I also wish that Johnny would show up and say that he didn’t get married and is in love with Max.  That would be fabulous.)

6. Revolution – I’ll be honest, we almost forgot about this show because it has been on break for so long for the holidays.  Just the other day, I said to Eric, “What was it that we were watching on Monday nights at 10 pm?”  He looked quizzically at me and then I remembered it was Revolution.  This show is exciting and very suspenseful, which isn’t always something that I’m looking for in a show, but I’ve been enjoying it.

Of course, it’s also because of this show that when I went to Savvy Blogging Summit in October, I told Eric that if all the power went out while I was there, he should just stay with the kids and I would try to find a bike to start riding up the Interstate to get home.  I’m so crazy sometimes!

7. Grey’s Anatomy – We’ve been watching this show since the beginning.  Of course, as far as I’m concerned, it jumped the shark with all that Denny and Izzy business.  I was relieved when they finally got back on track, since I was ready to stop watching it.  I’m glad that we stuck it out.

8. Parks and Recreation & 30 Rock – I’m a cheater, right?  I put two shows in the same spot.  I love both of these shows because they are just so darn funny.  They have the same sort of feel to me, which is why I cheated and put them in together.  Plus, it just might be that I’m going to run out of spots for all the shows we watch regularly.

9. Go On – Here’s another new one that we’ve been enjoying.  I don’t know that they’ll ever quite top the “March Sadness” from the very first episode, but we pretty consistently enjoy it.  Plus, I have liked Matthew Perry since Friends.

10. Modern Family – This is another that we consistently enjoy.  It’s quirky and funny, and we’re looking forward to the dynamic that the new baby will be adding to Jay and Gloria’s family.

In which I am a big cheater: I really do have to still add The Twilight Zone (I was mesmerized watching it over the New Years holiday and have been watching it every so often since then), Suburgatory (which can sometimes be hit or miss, but we mostly laugh and have a soft spot for Ryan Shea and hope he gets to date Tessa some more), How I Met Your Mother (though we think it may be going on too long and we just want to know how he actually met their mother already), Chopped (I wouldn’t necessarily want to eat the food though sometimes), and Alaska: The Last Frontier (fascinating and fun).

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  1. says

    We LOVE Merlin around here ….something about knights and wizards get me every time! I’m also a big fan of Doc Martin, and just started watching Once Upon a Time.

  2. says

    Most of those shows we love (though some we have not heard of), but we are way behind on all of them because my hubby travels so much. I watch things like Biggest Loser/Dancing With the Stars and read romance novels in the evenings instead of forcing him to have to catchup on his own time. Definitely agree that “How I Met Your Mother” needs to hurry up and end!

  3. Michelle says

    You’ve got some great choices! Big Bang Theory and Elementary are way up there on my list :) I love just about any version of Sherlock and Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock in America is EXCELLENT. How I Met Your Mother is nearing the end… at least I’m hoping. I love the show because it’s my generation but I just want Ted to reveal that he found The One already.