10 Pinterest Boards You Should Be Following

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest.  It is, hands down, my favorite social media site.  It’s also one of the few social media sites that I was an earlier adopter of.  By the time Pinterest was becoming more well known, I had already been busily pinning away for some time.

In fact, one of my posts about why I loved Pinterest brought me a lot of traffic for quite some time.  Do you know why that was?  It was because I was sending out invitations to anyone who commented and asked for one.  If you haven’t been on Pinterest since its early days, you may not know (or remember) that you used to have to wait for an invitation or get an invitation from another member to start your own account.

To celebrate my continued love for Pinterest, I thought I would share ten of my boards that I think you should consider sharing.  Of course, I do have some conditions to that, as you’ll see.  So, check them out:

Pinterest Cleaning Schedules

1.  If you feel like your cleaning routine (or lack thereof) is out of control, you might want to follow my Cleaning Schedules board.

2. If you’re part of a Catholic family, you might want to follow either my I Heart Catholicism board or my Catholic Printables board.  Or, you know, you can always follow both.

3. If you need a laugh or two (aka “this board may suck you in because you keep finding amusing things”), you might want to follow (or at least check out) my board called Randomness.

4. Catholic and preparing for First Communion?  Lacy and I have a board together for First Communion Ideas.

5. Looking to paint a room in your house or, my favorite use, to design projects for online and print use?  My Color Inspiration board is one that I have used far more than I ever expected I might.

6. Want a system or idea for chores around the house?  I have a board dedicated specifically to that!  Check out Kids and Chores. Ironically, we do not have a fancy system at our house.  We still pretty much just follow this method (with some modifications, such as that all of the children get the same amount of allowance regardless of age).

7. Making Your Home a Haven is not one of my boards.  It actually belongs to Crystal of Money Saving Mom, and I’m a contributing pinner.  This is a beautiful board full of great stuff!

8. If you’re a homeschooler, I have a bunch of different homeschooling boards.  But, my very first one, which I still regularly pin to, is Homeschooling Ideas.

9. Who couldn’t use a little more organization and cool stuff for around the house?  Okay, maybe not everyone needs more, but I do.  That’s why I have Organizing My Life.

10. A delicious board, and another one from Crystal of Money Saving Mom, that I contribute to is Tried and True Recipes.  Just looking through it will make you hungry though, so be warned!

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