10 Little Pieces of This and That

This week is the last week of iHomeschool Network’s 10 in 10 series, a fun 10 week series of topics which runs in conjunction with Top Ten Tuesday.  This week’s official topic is 10 Random Things on my Mind.  As you already well know if you’re a regular reader, I’m all about random things on my mind, so here we go…

10 Little Pieces of This and That

1. Jack is celebrating his 12th birthday this week!  There were years when I was sure I would have lost my sanity by this point because he was definitely not an easy kid.  Even though there may be days that he still makes us clench our jaws, he’s turned into a pretty fun kid.

2. Speaking of Jack and getting older, it seems that both Jack and Molly have gotten taller and were in need of new bikes.  With Molly still sporting her first bike, a 16″ Barbie bike, it was definitely time.  Molly now has Jack’s old BMX that we plan to spray paint pink.  Jack, my kiddo that is drawn to all things hipster, picked out this bike:

schwinn retro bike

I have to admit, it is pretty slick.  Of course, he did try to argue with me that it wasn’t a women’s bike.  I finally had to take him over to show him the men’s version with it’s freakishly high bar.  But, since Noah now has a (Trek) men’s bike with what is deemed a “low entry,” Jack decided he wanted a low entry bike too and didn’t much care the gender assignment.  (I don’t blame him – those men’s bikes have really high bars.)

3. Yeah, I know, the bike situation might not sound fair.  I just admitted that one of my kids has a Trek bike, one has the above bike which was not cheap but we did get it at one of the big box stores on clearance, and another has a hand-me-down that we’re going to spray paint.  I’ll share more about the reasoning behind that expensive Trek bike soon.  It was part of one of the most exciting times of our summer.

But, all that aside, it’s like I’ve had to occasionally tell my kids, “Fair doesn’t mean equal.  Fair means everyone gets what they need when they need it.”

4. Another item from the “everyone gets what they need when they need it” file:

It’s pretty surreal, and we’ll see what ends up happening once the school year rolls around, but one of our children has requested to attend school outside of our home this school year.  Said child has gone back and forth about it, but seems to be pretty solidly in the camp of going.  We’ve been in situations when different kids have talked about it before, so it’s not a new topic around here.  But, it seems that this might really be the time.

5. It was not my intention as I jotted notes for my list, but I guess we have another “everyone gets what they need when they need it” item.

Molly has been playing cello for about a year now.  In that year’s time, she has either all out said she wanted to be done or hinted at it more times than I can count, including one time when we actually told her teacher that she was done, only to have her teacher talk her back into it.  It seems that now, however, she really wants to be done.  She said she just didn’t want to hurt her teacher’s feelings when she agreed to keep with it a few months ago.

It seems that another child in the house (who just might have a birthday this week) thinks it might not be fair for Molly to not be taking a music lesson when the other two have to.  I couldn’t figure a way around it, until I quickly blurt out, “Music is a fine art and so is ballet.  She’s got ballet, you’ve got piano.”

Close call.

6. I need to make these quicker, huh?

I have a new way to sign up for emails from Many Little Blessings with the full posts delivered right to your inbox (if you were already getting them through Feedburner, you should be receiving your first one through Mad Mimi tomorrow instead of through Feedburner):

7. As a new thing that I’m pretty excited about, I’m going to also offer the option of a weekly newsletter.  It’s a great way to get email updates about posts from both Many Little Blessings and The Homeschool Classroom (not full posts from either) as well as other special things from time to time (which will also be available to the other email subscribers too), but to only receive one email a week.

8. Molly was giddy one morning when I woke up and she told me that her little girls had gotten into trouble:

doll trouble

I left it all like that for a long time until telling Molly that one of the hard parts of being a Mom sometimes is cleaning up after your kids’ messes.  She cracked me up as I did dishes and she cleaned it all up while loudly (for my benefit) and exasperatedly questioned the dolls about their actions.

9. It’s 4H project time around here, and I’m thankful that my Mom was nice enough to do Molly’s whole mini 4H project with her.  (Thanks, Mom!)

I can’t wait to share about one of the projects that we’ve almost finished up, but for now, I’ll share just one photo from Jack’s black and white photography project:

rose photo by Jack

10. One extra special thing on my mind is one of our dear friends who just told us that she is expecting.  I feel like I want to say more but this has been long enough and everything I’ve tried to type seems not quite right.  I’ll just say that I’ll be keeping a precious prayer in my heart for this baby (and Mama too), which fits just perfectly next to the prayer for my niece and her newly announced pregnancy too.

(Umm…really…let’s put aside the sweetness of that for a moment: How am I old enough to be a great aunt?)

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    Hi Angie ~
    I have a child celebrating her 12th birthday this week, too. ;-) Where does the time go?

    I will be interested to see how the school decision goes for your family. You are good parents to listen to the wishes of your child…

    Thanks, as always, for the link up!