10 Learning and Activity Boards to Follow on Pinterest

I have long loved Pinterest, and one of the reasons that I love it for is all of the amazing resources that I find for kids.  From homeschooling specific ideas to just general activities to do with children – Pinterest is chock full of ideas.

Of course, sometimes that can be overwhelming though.  Here are ten Pinterest boards I would recommend following if you’re looking for learning activities and/or homeschooling ideas.

10 boards to follow for learning activities for kids

10 Learning and Activity Boards to Follow on Pinterest

1. Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts (this board has almost 70,000 followers)

2. Worksheets & Printables for Pre-K to Second Grade

3. Reading Ideas

4. Notebooking for Homeschool

5. Crafts for Kids (this one has over 30,000 followers)

6. Lifetime Love of Learning (over 370,000 followers)

7. Fun for School Age Kids (almost 60,000 followers)

8. Kids and Chores

9. Ultimate Homeschool Board

10. Growing Creative Kids (over 380,000 followers)

Of course, I could have just gone on and on with this list.  But I thought this was a fun sampling of more formal education mixed with fun family activities.

What are some of your favorite Pinterest boards with learning opportunity and fun activities for children?

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