10 Great iPad Apps My Kids Enjoy

stack the statesMy kids love to have the chance to play around on my iPad.  And, even better – some of their favorite things to do on the iPad are also educational (though not all of them, as you’ll see).

10 apps that my kids just love for the iPad:

1. MeeGenius! Children’s Books (free) – This app comes with many children’s books and it reads them aloud to the children.  Plus, one of the things I especially enjoy is that it highlights each word as it reads it.  This is just a beautiful app.  (More books are available to buy, but my kids love it and I’ve never purchased additional books.)

2. Stack the States ($0.99) – We all love Stack the States!  My kids and I just can’t get enough of this game that has proven addictive in our household.  The best part about it is that to be able to stack up states, you have to answer questions about state abbreviations, recognizes states by shape, capitals, which states border each other, and state mottos.  It is constant learning, and even my six year old is crazy about it.

3. Rocket Math ($0.99) – By the creator of Stack the States, my kids also love this game where you build rockets and help them keep in the air by using math.  It has multiple levels, so both my kindergartner and fifth grader can play and be challenged.

4. Chalkboard Pro for iPad ($0.99) – A simple app, but lots of fun.  Use your iPad as a chalk board and choose from a few different colors of chalk.  My kids also love that they can save their drawings.

5.Pocket Frogs (free) – A potentially addictive game where you breed and raise frogs, trying to collect different types of frogs.

6. Math Bingo ($0.99) – My kids were so excited when they first tried out this app that combines classic bingo with math.  You can choose a couple of options that allow you to tailor the math facts to a child’s particular abilities.  I just love when the kids put in dibs to play iPad next just so they can play a game that practices math facts!

7. Star Walk for iPad ($4.99) – My whole family has been thrilled to use this app!  We love going out into the night and looking up at the stars with this app.  This is also one of those apps that always amazes other people that take a look at my iPad.

8. Preschool Memory Match (free) – This is a simple app, but you can’t beat a free app.  Molly has enjoyed showing off her memory skills with this memory match app.

9. BATTLE BEARS GO (free) – This app has a note that it is for ages 9+ because of cartoon violence.  I have to admit that I haven’t played this yet, and was surprised to hear my mild mannered 11 year old shout, “Die Bear, Die!” while playing once.  But, they enjoy it and it seems harmless.

10. Big Fork Little Fork (free) – I haven’t had a chance to use this app with my kids yet, but I couldn’t write this list without including it.  If your kids love to help in the kitchen, this app will thrill them.  There are tons of kid friendly recipes, tips and hints, videos, and lots more.  I know my kids will flip when I use it with them, so I just had to include it.

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Angie Kauffman
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  1. says

    I have this bookmarked for when I get an iPad. I’m hoping to make enough extra money from the spring seasonal consignment sales to put toward one.

  2. John Foresythe says

    Thanks for the great list! I will be downloading these for my little monkeys when I get home. They’ve been playing with the “Jack and Joe” book ever since we got the iPad.

  3. Santos says

    Everyone, download the stack the states app! It is amazingly educational. I got it for my 5 year old boy and he plays it over and over. He’s become a geography expert in a couple of weeks. Tbh, he knows more about geography because of this app, more than the average American adult does. The same developer also has “stack the countries” available for dl. Both are excellent educational tools. I never ever write post reviews online but I had to commend this developer and recommend it to parents. Go get it!