10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas

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I thought about doing a Christmas gift themed post this week, but then every theme I came up with, I realized that some of my recent (and not as recent) posts fell into a lot of those categories.

So, if you need help with some Christmas gift ideas, you might check out some of these:

Instead, I figured I would just write up a list of some of the things that are on my own Christmas wish list, as well as just some things that I think would make some pretty cool gifts.  How’s that for a random list?

Kindle paperwhite

1. A Kindle – I just have the older regular Kindle with the keyboard, but that new Paperwhite is pretty amazing.  Both my Mom and my Grandpa have it now, and the difference is astounding.  It does go through battery much faster, but especially if night reading or older eyes are an issue, the Paperwhite would make an amazing gift.

2. Original Art from Etsy – No, I’m not make a personal pitch for my own art.  Though, you know, everything in stock in my shop is 50% off through December 5th.  (And, in stock means that once something sells, it’s out of the sale.)


What I actually had in mind were prints like the Kitchen Aid Baby You Spin Me Right Round poster for the kitchen geek in your life, The Bottom of My Heart is Very Sincere for your favorite sarcasm filled friend, and the Love. World. prints from Hop Skip Jump Paper for a special loved one.

3. Just Dance 4 – I know, I really should stop mentioning this game already.  Still, it’s making the list.  Super fun, great exercise, the whole family can do it together.  End of my pitch.

4. Ice Cream Maker – This is one of those things that very few people probably actually need.  But, what a fun gift to give to a family!  I just got this Cuisinart ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet maker last week (while it was on special on Amazon, though I had to settle for white then, instead of the berry blue I had my eye on).

5. Gifts to Make Your Favorite Girl Feel Fancy – You know, I’m just saying, Eric, I mean…whoever.  Sometimes a girl wants to forget that she has to do piles of laundry and unload the dishwasher.  A little trinket from Tiffany & Co or some fancy perfume could make a girl feel glam.

6. Nice Colored Pencils for Your Favorite Artist – Not every artsy person will like colored pencils, of course.  But these Prismacolor Colored Pencils are some of the best, and they come in a fabulous metal box.  I love, too, that they come in a variety of sizes, so you could buy a big set for a serious artsy adult or a smaller set for your budding artistic child.  (I know that my love of the metal box is superficial.  However, I think as a gift for a child, that’s a real sign that these are something special.)

7. Edible Gifts – If you really know what someone loves or you’re at a complete loss, one thing is for certain – we all have to eat.  This makes edible gifts a nice choice.  You can make them yourself (some traditional ideas or non-traditional ideas), or order them from a huge list of companies.  We have enjoyed gifts that we’ve received (and given) from Cheryl & Co, which makes amazing cookies and baked goods. (Seriously, they’re awesome.)

(That banner has my affiliate link, but I only signed up for their program because I already really loved their product and customer service.)

You can also use the code SNOWSHIP through November 29th for Free Shipping or the code JOLLY15 for 15% off through the end of the year.

We have also enjoyed edible gifts from places like Harry & David (we have received everything from a chicken pot pie to pears to candies from Eric’s sister) and Swiss Colony.

8. Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers – I know this one only works for my Catholic friends (or those buying for Catholics), but this is such an amazing treasure.  I got it one year for Christmas, and I love it so much.  There are prayers for everything, and the book itself is just beautifully made.  I have been picking prayers out of it for my religious education board meetings (I’m the president this year), and each time everyone comments about how wonderful the prayers are.

9. Nerf Guns – When I asked the kids for any additions to the list, this was an enthusiastic suggestion from the table.  Though we don’t do realistic looking gun toys at our house, Nerf guns are a fun toy around here.  We might have even all grabbed a Nerf gun and had an all out family war in the backyard once.

10. A Board Game – A lot of people have gotten so caught up in electronic games that they forget the fun that can be had with a board game.  This makes this an awesome choice when giving a family gift.  (Throw in some popcorn and hot chocolate, and it can even be a themed gift.)  A couple of our favorite games lately have been Ticket to Ride and Uno Roboto (my Uno Roboto review).


This post contains a whole smattering for affiliate links.  However, I have only put things on the list that I already like, and would recommend anyway.  (Disclosure Policy)

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      Apparently it’s a gift giving time of year. ;)

      The boys still really love Skylanders, and just got the new version that is Skylanders Giants.

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    My in-laws have a large stash of nurf guns and kids young and old have lots of fun – make sure to get a pack of extra “bullets” because they get lost easily and it is always good to have extra to reload with :)

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      I don’t know what it is about that metal box, but it just makes them feel even more special. (Plus, they’re really great pencils, which makes it even better.)

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      Thanks for asking about that print – it’s one of my most popular prints (especially at the craft shows that I go to). I get all of my prints actually printed from a professional lab (rather than me just printing them off my printer at home, for example). So, I have a large number of things that are already printed (from the professional lab) at my house from all of the craft shows that I’ve been doing this fall. The sale is to help get rid of some of those things, so it only includes things that I actually have on hand and ready to ship. Because that print is so popular, I’m out of it. People can still order it and I’ll have it printed, but since I don’t have it here, it’s not part of the sale.

      The painting was one of my favorites and I almost kept it for myself. I listed it on Etsy instead, while I was deciding whether to keep it. Then, it sold about five minutes after I listed it. LOL So, the choice was made for me. ;)

      Thanks so much for the compliment on my blog. I really appreciate it!