10 Days of Teaching Home Ec Skills Series

10 days of Home Ec Skills

I’m so excited to share with you that I’ll be participating in the “10 Days of…” series with iHomeschool Network Over ten days in the next two weeks (no weekends), 28 bloggers will be sharing an amazing wealth of knowledge and experiences.  Even if you don’t homeschool, you will be able to find topics of interest to you for raising your children and supplementing their education.

I’m thrilled to have sharing topics related to Teaching Home Ec Skills, such as gardening, hospitality, sewing, laundry, and more.  This, however, I must admit it pretty funny.  I am very open about the fact that I’m domestically challenged.  It’s something I’ve tried to work on more and more the last few years.

It’s also funny because I have often taken the route of doing things for my children, rather than teach them how to do them.  Except, you know what?  I am realized lately that they will end up just as challenged in areas of domesticity as I have been if I keep on that road.  So, I’ve been working more and more to teach them to do things around the house, rather than just do it for them.

If you have struggled with Home Ec skills, there’s still hope for you!  Or, if you feel accomplished but you realize that you haven’t been passing along those skills to your children, it’s not too late to teach them.  While the best time to work on it with them was from the time they were very small, the second best time to start working on it is right now.

Join me as I cover a different Home Ec (or Life Skill) each day with ideas of activities to do for each topic to help your children grow in their domestic skills.


The 10 Days Series is organized by iHomeschool Network, a collaboration of outstanding homeschool bloggers who connect with each other and with family-friendly companies in mutually beneficial projects. Visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. And of course, click the image below to visit all the 10 Days posts from these homeschool moms of the iHomeschool Network.

You’ll be blessed with tips on how to handle bad days, cultivating curiosity, teaching with Legos, and much much more!

Angie Kauffman
Angie, a domestically challenged nerd and mom of three very fun kids, is the founder of Real Life at Home.  Angie also listens to music every chance she gets, writes eBookspodcastsloves Pinterestdocuments the little moments in life on Instagram, and occasionally sleeps.


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    Growing up, I had to cook a lot…but, my Mom wasn’t really there to teach me and when she was in the kitchen…I wasn’t sure I wanted to be…it was small and she was a southern cook through and through. I wish I had stayed in there with her now and love my kids in the kitchen with me….I’m learning to sew and crochet…so, I can’t wait to see/read your series