10 Benefits of Networking with Other Bloggers

Benefits of Networking with Other Bloggers

That sounds like a more professional title, I suspect.  However, my note on my content calendar is “10 Benefits of Finding Your People.”  As those who attended the 2:1 Conference (and went to my talk) can attest to, during my breakout session, I kept talking about how I found my people and encouraging them to “Go find your people.”

(I am borrowing some of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday list from my breakout talk at The 2:1 Conference.)

I’m really passionate about networking with other bloggers.  I love to find ways to do it in a casual way, as well as in more formal ways.  In particular, I have a group of bloggers that I consider my people.  I love them so much, and they have made blogging different for me than it ever was before I had that group.

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the comparison game when you’re a blogger.  Because of that, it can feel vulnerable or even dangerous to try to closely network with other people.  However, I would say that when you really find your people, you don’t have those feelings about them.  They want you to succeed and you want them to succeed.

Benefits of Networking with Other Bloggers

1. Their Community Can Become Your Community (and Vice Versa).  When you regularly network with another blogger, their readers may get so used to seeing your name that they just naturally gravitate toward you.  Of course, this can work to also send some of your readers to your blogging friends.  It’s win-win!

2. Support.  Blogging can be hard work, and we all need some type of support.  Your people can offer that support.

3. Someone Who Understands.  Have you ever tried to go into details about blogging with someone who has never had a blog?  They just don’t get it in the same way that other bloggers do.  By networking with other bloggers, you’ll always have someone who understands.

4. Sharing Talents.  Each of us has been given special talents.  What’s even better is when you can help someone by using your talents and you can receive help from them as well.  In the group I belong to, there are definitely people with particular talents that has made them a go-t0 person for a particular need.

5. Offer Up Advice. Have you ever wondered about pricing for ads, what kind of freebie to offer to subscribers, or how to price an ebook?  A network of like-minded bloggers are an amazing resource for suggestions, especially since they know you and your blog.

6. Learn New Skills.  My favorite place to ask, “Hey – how do you do this?” is with my network of friends.  They are the people who will give me an answer I an understand and information I feel like I can trust.

7. Source for Guest Posts.  We’ve been blessed in our group to have many of the women give birth to new bundles of joy.  As a blogger, that sometimes means that you don’t want to ignore your blog, but that you don’t have time to write new content.  Having a networking group means that you have some go-to people to ask for posts in a pinch.

8. Promoting Each Other’s Posts.  While you don’t want to be constantly promoting the same person or two, with a larger group (ours has around 20 people), it’s easy to promote friends and really spread the love around.  Of course, one awesome benefit of this is that other people in your group will want to promote you too.

9. Ready Made Group for a Series of Posts.  With some of my blogging friends, I have put together series like Spring Spruce Up that lasted multiple days or the 5 Days of Christmas posts.  These are a fun way to all post about similar topics at the same time while sharing traffic with each other.

10. It’s More Fun.  Seriously.  Having blogging friends that you network with just makes the whole blogging experience more enjoyable.

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Angie Kauffman
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      I’ll try to write about how I formed my group in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for it.

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    This post convicts me. I know I should be networking more but I am so busy (like everyone else) that sometimes a long while will pass before I realize that I’ve been living in my own little world (blogging or otherwise!).

    Where are your favorite places to network with other bloggers? Social Media? Other blogs?

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    This are great tips, but I’m curious about HOW you found “your people?” I’ve become friends with a few bloggers, and definitely value their advice and friendship, but I don’t have a network or firm circle like that. Maybe you could do a post on how you all got together? Thanks! :)

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      Thanks for the question, Courtney! I’ll write up something about how I formed my group, as well as some informal networking. I’ll get it up on the blog sometime this week – so watch for it. :) (And, thanks for asking. That was a great question, and hopefully the post that I write will give you some ideas. Now, to write the post. LOL)

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      Thanks, Tricia! :) And, thanks for being one of my people.

      I think that I’ll be writing some more from my talk, since during my talk, I told the story of how I formed the group. Looks like some people are interested in hearing about that process.

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    Support (#2) is a big one for me. We live in a fairly remote area where there aren’t many homeschoolers and those who do homeschool are mostly francophone. I do speak French but the support of other bloggers and discussions of English curriculum is my lifeline.

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    Great thoughts – some that I’ve been thinking about, others that I hadn’t thought about yet! Thank you 😉

    And….how did I miss meeting you at 2:1??!

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      I think we did actually meet. But, it was very brief and right at the check in table. (I think I told you I would suck as a member of one of the prayer groups. LOL)

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    It helps to have my comments open when I want people to leave comments answering my questions! Thanks for the heads up Angie! Everything is working now!

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    Such an informative list! I’ve actually found some of my favorite blogs by the comments they left on posts with bloggers they network with. It’s truly win-win!

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    I’ve had it in the back of my mind to start a networking group, or mastermind group as I’ve heard it also called. We are moving in a couple weeks, so I was thinking about waiting until that was done and over with before I got more serious about it. Thanks for sharing this post and I look forward to the one about how you formed your group!

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    My blog has given me a portable community and some of the longest friendships I’ve ever had. Everything you said was totally on target.

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    I am so thankful to be in a network of great bloggers. 😉
    Two actually! I’ve learned so much, grown so much, and also been able to help others.


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