10 Activities for Catholic Families in January {Printable}

Although I’ve taken a little bit of a break since right before Christmas, I knew that I wanted to put together a 10 Activities for Catholic Families in January printable.  Because, even though I started doing them last December, I actually missed making one last January.  So, this is the first January one!

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Okay, back to this month’s printable.

As always, most of these activities are also great for non-Catholic.  They just might need a tweak here and there, if any of the wording is not part of of your faith tradition.

Activities on the 10 Activities for Catholic Families in January Printable

1. Go star gazing to celebrate Epiphany. Have the children to find the brightest stars in the sky. Discuss how the wise men might have felt while they were traveling to meet the new King, Jesus.

2. Make a beautiful, decorative sign or piece of art work with Jesus’ name on it to honor the Most Holy Name of Jesus (January 3rd).  (Here’s a coloring page for it, if you prefer.)

3. Many January saints taught others, such as Sts. John Bosco, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Angela Merici, and Thomas Aquinas. In their honor, learn a Bible verse, prayer, or activity to teach others about your faith.

4. To celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord (Sunday after Epiphany), share pictures and keepsakes of your children’s baptisms with them. Tell them about the events and emotions of that day.

5. As the new year begins, reminisce with your family about the past year and talk about plans and goals for this year.

6. Attend Mass on the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (Jan. 1st) – It’s a Holy Day of Obligation! Here’s a Coloring Page for the Day of Mary with Baby Jesus.

7. Try to learn to juggle like St. John Bosco (Jan. 31st) did to entertain people.

8. Make or buy a King Cake to mark Epiphany. If your kids are old enough for it to be safe, hide a coin, bean, or baby Jesus figure inside. The one who finds it can wear a crown that you buy or make.

9. Celebrate New Year’s Day (or Eve) with your family. Make it a memorable day with fun, treats (maybe even sparkling juice), and family togetherness.

10. Do an Epiphany Home Blessings by writing 20+C+B+M+14 above your front door in chalk. You can search for more details about this tradition or use those shared in this wonderful post from Joyfilled Family.

Not on the list, but you can also print out a word search containing the names of some saints with feast days in January.

Important Note: This download is free for personal or classroom use. You may also share it in a church bulletin or newsletter, but the copyright credit line must be included (which just means to make sure that you don’t accidentally cut off the line with the copyright information at the bottom of the printable when you are reproducing it to hand out). This printable (and its contents) cannot be sold, published, or hosted on other websites.

If you want to pass along the printable though, please feel free to share a link to this post (not directly to the printable) with others.  Another great way to share it is to pin this post to Pinterest!  Thanks!

 10 Activities for Catholic Families in January Printable Page

Download the Ten January Activities for Catholic Families Printable

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